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[Help] Make item shareable to party members



Hello guys,


Look what i want. i have created a certain mob that drops festival adena. But if we got a party then only the one who killed it takes them or if it is random, then random ;D


My question is how to make festival adena to be like normal adena. What i mean? if we have a party depentless on the party mode

and they ppl kill a mob that drops 30 festival adena, they should share them. not only 1 take them all


Any help ? :)

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You can make a few changes to L2Monster Instance (Or L2NpcInstance now since its changed).Smth like:

public void doDie(L2PcInstance Killer)
if(npcId() == yourid)
for(L2PcInstance p : killer.getParty().getMembers())
else p.addItem("Drop",itemid,itemquantity,this,0);

I dun have eclipse here so the methods might be slightly wrong,but you get the picture ^^

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