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Lineage 2: Gracia 3 Final FREE Server Opened!



The great website for l2 information about all chronicles, quests and etc are now making a server that all gracia,hellbound, interlude, c5 and c4 features are working 100% .Lineage2Media proudly presents our Free Private Lineage 2 Gracia Final server. The server rates are balanced with a main focus on the PVP side of the game, but without giving up the PVE, raids and epic raids are still a big part of the game. Our team is made of people that have passion and dedication for this game. Our goal is to offer an enjoyable Lineage 2 Experience.




► Our servers are runningLineage 2: Gracia 3 Final (700Xp/1000Adena). The server is oriented towards PVP without giving up the PVE or Raid Events

► Gracia Areas are Populated with Mobs

► It`s all free and the system is balanced

► New lvl 81 and 83 skills included and functional

► Attribute system functional

► New Mounts (Steam Beatle, Lion and Rideable Horse)

►All the new accesories and agathions are included (over 60 new accesories and 40 new agathions)

► New Epic Raids. Lindivor The Wind Dragon and more

► Rates are optimized for a balanced gameplay with a main focus on the pvp side of the game.

► S84 Vesper Weapons and Armors added with fully functional SA and attributes. Cloacks added.

► Team vs. Team event every 10 minutes with special rewards

► GM Shop, Global GK price system don`t unbalance the game.

► Buffer features 3 hours of classic buffs. Standard 20 buffs and 12 song/dances.

► Champion Mobs have the title "Darth" and they have a chance of dropping glittering medals. Beware: they are very strong, like mini raids.

► Wedding System Implemented

► Aerial transformations, airships, Gracia continent

► Enchant rates are those of official. 66% chances of succes.

►GM support daily. No bans for anything, except attempts of botting and exploits or in very extreme cases

►The server is constantly updated

►Server prices are balanced for a stable long running economy

►No whipe. Ever.

►Olympiad System, Normal Nobless System wich 1 item = Nobless, no raid required or quest.

►Server Hardware constantly upgraded

►Game testers are constantly adding new feature and balancing the system

►Donation System is implemented in a way that doesen`t unbalance the gameplay, but helps the server and rewards the donator

► Gracia Mobs drop Full Items S84/Icarus/Dynasty

► Champion Mobs (Darth) drop glittering medals

► Glittering Medals are Earned in TVT EVENTS (automatic every 20 minutes)


Site: http://lineage2media.com/server.html

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There was no wipe.


Some users made accounts on the test server by mistake. When the site was beeing made, online, the old links remained for a couple of hours . Nobody was expecting 20+ users to connect before we even made publicity on the internet. But our GM s restored the items for the users the same day.


We are making back ups every 1 hour, GM s are on 8-10 hours/daily and are the most friendly ever.


There will be no whipes EVER.


Our comunity today (after 3 days of beeing online, and no publicity on hopzone yet) has 300 accounts made and 20 -30 people off, 5 clans and 2 alliances.



We are expecting everybody to join our comunity.



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