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[CS1.6]Chat color Changer

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Bleik    0

//The script
alias green "con_color 0+255+0;alias next red;alias back black" 
alias red "con_color 255+0+0;alias next yellow;alias back green"
alias yellow "con_color 255+255+0;alias next blue;alias back red"
alias blue "con_color 0+0+255;alias next orange;alias back yellow"
alias orange "con_color 255+165+0;alias next white;alias back blue"
alias white "con_color 255+255+255;alias next black;alias back orange"
alias black "con_color 0+0+0;alias next green;alias next green"
bind f12 "next"




You just have to copy the script into your config.cfg/userconfig.cfg and then press f12 ingame,and the chat's color will change.You have the colors:white,black,red,blue,yellow,green and orange.






I just found it, haven't tried it and not gonna to...

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CryStaliN    0

Did you copy it in your cfg or you just put that in console?


He couldnt copy it in console,look on the 1st post and you'll see that he explains where to put it.

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