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Share [C4 - God] Patched Systems, File Editors, Gg Killers, L2Dat_Encdec!

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i have 1 question. with the patched l2 gracia final system i dont need to update and check files?


tnx in advice for the answer :)


Of course not. You will overwrite the patched files and you won't be able to edit them.

So all you got to do is to download the patched system, c/p it in your client and then connect in your server by applying the server's patch. (or if you want to mod your client, just keep it as it is)

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Thx bro, nice share.


But i have some questions, im trying to set it up a c5 server, i have all ready, but when i uise ur patched system i have a message, hacking tool detected, or gameguard error, server side is correct. So i tried again using gg killer, but when i overwrite the nwindow.dll the l2.exe doesnt work. Any idea how to solve it or is this system not completed patched?


Thanx a lot

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Added Gracia Epilogue fileedit, patched system, gg killer.



System Epilogue Updated/Patched and added Unichat. (Chandy)

Added mirror for System Epilogue. (Chandy)



Added L2dat_EncDec C3 - Epilogue [Tested in Latest Epilogue Updated Client by Me and Works 100%]. (Chandy)



Added Freya's GameGuard Kill. (Chandy)

Added Fully updated system for Epilogue - 16/08/2010. (Chandy)




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