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hellbound [Gracia Final L2J] Serpent L2


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Server Statistics (Rates & Specs):


* XP: 5x | SP: 5x | Adena: 5x | Drop/Spoil: 5x | Quest Drop: 3x | Quest Reward (Adena): 2x | Raid: 1x

* Retail buff times

* No Class Change NPC (Class quests must be completed)

* No GM Shop

* No NPC Buffer

* Working Hellbound Area

* Working Gracia Final Area;

-> Airship Working

-> All NPCs placed (not all working 100% yet)

* Dual Boxing NOT Allowed

* AntiBot Protection/Detection System

* Max Enchant +16 / Safe, Weapons +3 (66%), Armor/Jewerly +4 (66%)

* Augmentation Working

* Olympiad Games

* Seven Signs

* Wedding

* Fantasy Island Show Working (Elven Singer)

* Dark Cloud Manor Instance working

* Kamaloka Instances

* S80 (Dynasty) & S84 (Vesper) Gear (Must be crafted)

* Several level 81+ skills working

* Pet Evolve system working

* Accurate Geodata location system

* Several mob spawn fixes

* Daily updates/fixes

* Clan Tags displayed on NPCs when Castle is taken (same as retail)

* Offline Trading

* Offline Crafting

* 10 Second Player Spawn Protection

* Capes working and visible on characters

* New emote "Shyness" working


Machine #1:


AMD Dual Core (64bit) 4800+ CPU

4 GB DDR3 RAM (2x2)

HD: WD VelociRaptor / 175 GB, SATA 3 Gb's, 16 MB Cache, 10,000 RPM

Usage: Web Hosting/Login Server/Central Database System Manager


Machine #2:


Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E5430 III

16 GB DDR2 (4x4)

HD: WD VelociRaptor / 150 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16 MB Cache, 10,000 2*150 GB SAS HDD + HW Raid

Usage: Main Game Server

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Since we are reaching the end of Alpha testing it varies from 5 to 20 players (boxing is not allowed). On July 5th we will enter Beta phase and that will last until we open live on August 1, 2009.


At the end of Beta server will not be wiped since testing rates are 5x and I know players do not want to lose all the work they have done.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Lots of updates and fixes since we went live, check them out and see how busy the staff is. :D


* Minor updates to Raid Boss Zoning;

* Minor updates to Character Creation System;

* Slight Fortress Siege System update;

* Item restriction fix;

* Added working Improved Baby Pets (With retail Buffs);

* Corrected Reputation values (Clan Traders => KE's);

* Clan Trader Exchange Update;

* Small bug fix for Player Dueling system

* Script corrections for quests:

->> Invention Ambition

->> The Song of the Hunter

->> The Finest Foods

->> Path to an Elven Scout

->> Proof of Clan Alliance;

->> Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead;

->> Truth Beyond


* Fixed exploit with being able to move though doors using the keyboard;

* Minor bug fix for Baby Pets;

* Minor bug fix for Castle Buffer system;

* Fixed problem with spaces in Fortress Names;

* Fix for HQ on fortress siege;

* Updates to SperpentScan Antibot Protection System;

* Slight fix for Pet Food consumption;

* Text updated for NPC (to match retail):

->> Vortex

->> Mouth of Ekimus

->> Officer Tepios

->> Gatekeeper of the Abyss


* Fixed minor bug with players being able to use items while sitting;

* Slight performance upgrades for Server Shutdown process;

* Skill/Effect fix for Facelifing Potion - B;

* Fixed problem with skill: Spoil Festival

* Small bug fix for Improved Pets;

* Fixed problem with Olympiad Tokens not able to be turned in;

* Slight updates for Character Creation and Visual Effects;

* Updated "Dominon Information" system;

* Core fix for skills utilizing Clan members in a party;

* Fixed Clan Emblem display on NPCs that should not be using them:

->> Fantasy Island NPCs

->> Gracia Area NPCs


* Added new server function config: Chatfilter (not yet enabled);

* Attribute fix for Item Enchanting (Shirts)

* Slight update for weapon effect types;

* Fix for Party Duel Teleport;

* Added Official like Pet Trader Mickey:

->> Players are able to exchange pets even if they are no longer in a clan with ClanHalls in Rune & Aden


* Fixed problem with negate skill icon;

* Charge fix: Force energy will disperse after 10 minutes of non-use, not first-use;

* Added missing effect for Item skill Doom;

* Fix for problem with restoring a player if kicked while within an Instance;

* Slight bug fix for Clan Pledge system;

* Added retail feature: Character Birthday / Birthday Gift;

* Finished final Scripting for Event: Master of Enchanting;

* Fixed crafting system message (was accidentally removed in a previous patch);\

* Minor fixes/updated to Castle Magician;

* Added Territory War (Territory is not finished, still testing/coding)

* Several recipe updates (too many to list);

* Added item: Dynasty Sigil;

* Slight updates to log system

->> Normal Damage;

->> Magic Damage;

->> Damage when SS/BSS is used;


* Fixed incorrect value for Recipe: Titan's Powerstone

* Corrected flaw in Olympiad Manager system;

* Fixed minor weight bug with Inventories;

* Update to Vitality System (Not used);

* Skills - Corrections/Adjustments/Added:

->> Soul Mastery;

->> Contagion;

->> Soul Expansion;

->> Dagger Mastery;

->> Weapon Blockade;

->> Special Ability: Infinity Rapier;

->> Special Ability: Infinity Shooter;

->> Posessor of a Precious Soul

->> Pet Recharge;

->> Hell Scream;

->> Song of Wind Storm;

->> Dance of Blade Storm;

->> Exciting Adventure;

->> Wind Riding;

->> Ghost Walking;

->> Flame Hawk;

->> Arrow Rain;

->> Ghost Piercing;

->> Spirit of Shilen;

->> Evasion Counter;

->> Evasion Chance;

->> Evasion Haste;

->> Final Flying Form;

->> Aura Bird - Falcon;

->> Aura Bird - Owl;

->> Flame Armor;

->> Frost Armor;

->> Hurricane Armor;

->> Vampiric Mist;

->> Seal of Limit;

->> Chant of Combat;

->> Chant of Critical Attack;

->> Chant of Blood Awakening;

->> Chant of Movement;

->> Combat of Pa'agrio;

->> Critical of Pa'agrio;

->> Condition of Pa'agrio;

->> Scroll of Transformation - Pig;

->> Improve Combat;

->> Improve Magic;

->> Improve Condition;

->> Improve Critical;

->> Improve Shield Defense;

->> Improve Movement;

->> Dread Pool;

->> Poison of Death


* Skill name fixes:

->> Dance of Blade Storm (Was "Blade Storm");

->> Arrow Rain (Was "Rain of Arrow");

->> Chant of Critical Attack (Was "Chant of Critical");

->> Spirit of Phoenix (Was "Spirit of the Phoenix");

->> Lord of Vampire (Was "Lord of Vampires")


* Added WASD movement system to Wyverns only;

* Vitality Herbs (Not used - Why do they bother? :D)

* Fixed incorrect Multisell ID value:

->> Arcana Sigil;

->> Dynasty Sigil;


* Fixed name typo for Items:

->> Dynasty Sigil (Was Dynasty Sickle);

->> Sealed Vesper Sigil (Vesper Sickle);


* Slight update to Walking NPC system;

* Minor bug fix for Airship Manager (Gracia Area);

* Fixed minor core bug for Red Striders;

* Update to Buy/Trade system to prevent exploiting;


* Added function in Inventory Screen for belt usage;

* Added merchant buy-list for items:

->> Infinity Spear;

->> Infinity Rapier;

->> Infinity Sword;

->> Infinity Shooter


* Bug correction for items:

->> Shadow Item - Wolf Hat - Blessed Scroll of Escape;

->> Shadow Item - Wolf Hat - Blessed Scroll of Resurrection


* Slight update to Fort Siege Guard AI;

* Core cleanup for Monsters with large agro radiuses;

* Minor bug fix for Fort <-> Database lag issues;

* Discovered nasty core bug for Fortress Siege System (incorrect system variable);

* Added Masterwork items:

->> Dynasty Breast Plate;

->> Dynasty Gaiter;

->> Dynasty Helmet;

->> Dynasty Gauntlet;

->> Dynasty Boots;

->> Dynasty Leather Armor;

->> Dynasty Leather Leggings;

->> Dynasty Leather Helmet;

->> Dynasty Leather Gloves;

->> Dynasty Leather Boots;

->> Dynasty Tunic;

->> Dynasty Stockings;

->> Dynasty Circlet;

->> Dynasty Gloves;

->> Dynasty Shoes;

->> Dynasty Shield;

->> Dynasty Sigil;

->> Dynasty Earrings;

->> Dynasty Necklace;

->> Dynasty Rings


* Fixed Subclass Exploit;

* Added correct spawn cooridinate for all Fortresses;

* Added inventory slot validation for MultiSell exchange;

* Updated Flood Protection system;

* Fixed minor bug with Baby Pet mana recharging;

* Added retail system message for chat refusal mode;

* Bug fix for Raid Boss: Core;

* Several minor fixes for Transformations

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lol...i dont like low rates xDDD blee and CT 2.3 mg :D


So go play on your pointless, mindless, boring high rate PvP servers where any noob can create a character, buy all your gear and get bored in about 15 minutes. :D

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I have played on many low rates (high rates too) and I have to say that Serpent L2 is one of the best low rates I have ever found.


My likes:


NO LAG! Very Happy




Friendly Players


Gracia area is working (not 100% but still more than other servers I have tried)


Kamaloka Instances are working


Improved Baby Pets with retail buffs working (I have NOT seen these working on any other L2 server)


This server claims to have a new mob spawn system. I can say with all honestly that this is TRUE. With all other L2j server I have tried there are lots of mobs that cannot be attacked (Cannot see target) but I have not found any of these yet. Also when mobs hit a wall they bounce away instead of moving though it; this is another bug I have seen on 99% of other servers


Friendly Players


Active Administrator


Weekly server updates and bug fixes (very active dev team)


These are just some of the amazing features I have discovered since starting on this server, but if you want to test it for yourself then come give it a try.


My dislikes:


Needs more players


No Vitality (but as with most players on here I agree that it is not needed since rates are 5x)


Again, please check this server out if you are into low rates. You will not be disappointed.



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