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Enchant - Tell is it working!

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Put your weapon and enchant scrolls on your skill bar.

Open wh keeper dialogue - choose deposit.

Double click weapon so it is in lower deposit window.

Click enchant scroll on skill bar

Enchant weapon

Before the timer reaches the end

Press skill bar to equip your weapon

And immediately click confirm to deposit your weapon to the warehouse.


As you know this is an old bug,but i was testing it on few servers and i found out this :


Do this process and when it says: You are banned relog fast!

On some servers we know that he dont ban that sec u broke the rule,it bans 2-3 seconds after! (50% Servers ban right atm but 50% dont)


So do the old bug with wh and relog before game exits...


When u got to the character select screen log-in again do the same thing and all over again!

I tested this on Gracia II servers and it worked properly on 40% of them!


P.S Let this char be an alt for sure u dont get ban on main char :)

P.S Also its useful on Highrate servers where are scrolls and weps cheap and easy to get!


-> Sorry for bad English!

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The problem isn't that u get banned. The problem is that in almost all servers this bug doesn't work. Thanks for letting us know about your thought but you should add that the bug you describe at the beginning is from another forum(elitepvpers).

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