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Hello! It has been long time since I used to enter this forums and help people :P Now I need some help to start over with new L2 versions.



I'm using CT1.5 with WP6.60, and I cannot get it to decode the LS packets. Just some sort of BlowFish coded data :SSS


Can someone give me some info about how WP works with hellbound (CT1.5) tokens? I know that the new tokens are "variable", some part is static (33313D3D2D...) and some part is sent by the server in the LS first packet. But I don't know want part is the variable token or how to mix it with the static one.


Any info is apreciated. Thanks.


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Ok, I answer myself! xDDDD


The default token for CT1.5 is 6B60CB5B82CE90B1CC2B6C556C6C6C6C, but it is NOT for the first packet. So, what is the token for that packet?


Also, I have 1 packet that is unknown.... The login pck from the client. But it is just after a GGAuth request and an answer, so I suposed the token is OK just it is codec with RSA or smt similar.


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