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[help]Battle.net connecting problem

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Battle.net connecting problem

Hey guys


I've done a bit of homework on this problem and i know what it is but i dont know how to fix it. When i connect to battle.net it says


Unable to connect to battle.net


you may be trying to connect to an invalid battle.net server. If you are using a modem you may have to connect manually to the internet before connecting to battle.net.


anyway, i have full legal fully paid for versions of WAR3 ROC x 2 and WAR3 TFT x 2 which i still have. one for me and one for my brother. we both play off the same ip. now our internet is fine we have checked all of the trouble shooting on network connection problems. I kept reading and i found the illegal key part. we had our mate over for a game(on our network) the other week and he used an illegal key to try to get on and play, for the record we said dont do it coz ive heard of account bannings for that stuff. my usual server is Europe and it still wont let me log on to it, but it does let me get onto to the other three servers.


Can anyone help me get back onto the Europe?

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