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TRADE BUG/TRICK Dragon-Network (hellbound)

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read topic i said Dragon-Network i dont know about other servers ....... dunno for me bug work and this is not visual bug !!

Its not working dude, u make in DN like 100 coins, or 100 adena whatever, then u add 1 and it will pass 101 if it was working its fixed already.

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this ss are from dragon i tested yestarday on arena and still work .... nunosliva :P


LOL im not nunosilva, but nevermind.


Its not working after u make trade u send all coins that u put first +1 and its like that .


Or make a movie and proof it cuz its not working

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that pic is with bot that is suck bug and that is not 100% noob duble trade from fakouka is 100% no this


you wait with this to still  w8 if you want steal with this

with bot no mr


search fakoukas duble trade and see the best still 100%

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