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[L2j Gracia Part 2) New x25 server (only 9 days opened opened)

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Hello i present you l2 Endlessheroes is a new server with only 1 week opened www.l2edh.webs.com


Balanced classes,Active admin,Friendly community


Gracia Part II





Exp rate ----->25 (party xp/sp x2)


Sp rate  ----->25 (auto learn skill)


Drop rate ----->x4 (auto loot)


Spoil rate ----->x15


Adena rate----->x40


Quest drop/award/manor rates----->x3




Some information about us



We are bored of changing servers so we made this one...


Auto-create accounts


Global Gatekeeper in all towns


Npc Buffer in all towns


Main Town is Giran


Buff/dance time is 2h


Mana potions


Blue mobs drop /spoil activated


Custom nobless quest with 1.5 bilion adena (normal one works too)


Increased drop rate for A grade glove/boot recipes, because our drop rate is x4.


Gm shop Till B Grade (For A/S/S80 you must craft)







MinKarma: 240

MaxKarma: 99999.

KiLL Mob 10% lost.

To death 30% lost.

KarmaRateDropItem: 30%




Enchant Rates


Safe = +4


Max = +16


Normal Scroll  60% (for all)


Blessed scroll 75% (for all)




Enjoy and have fun




Give us a try :)

We just need some more ppl ...



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Pretty cool server, I indeed like it.

Needs some improvement and few more active people but that should happen soon. :D


Very good rates, it has all the potential to win. Do your role as players that they will do theirs as admins :D

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Agree in 100%.


One of the best things is that Active GM Staff are opened for any suggestion. Thanks for that.

Me and my friends enjoy playing here so far.. we expect it to be great server. All we need is just bit bigger community ;)

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Well, yeah. After a long time searching for a good mid rate server i found ou that one. Very well organised, friendly GM staff and as difficult as it has to be. Just one perfect server recommended for people who want a light game at L2. I hope i see you in game. With best regards...!

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I play at this server. It really rocks. The admin is really active, there is a friendly community and i think it might be the best server u can possibly join at this time. Join our community. Cya ingame and have fun!

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;) Finally a mid rate server set up by players  for players. After testing several servers I found one that holds every quality I and my m8's are looking for. A even playing field, few minor bugs (newness accounts for this) , Active GM's , Pro active Admin..who jumps at the opportunityto solve any issues and alrdy an active  community. This is the first server I have seen this combination..makes for great playing time. GJ Admins and to the community alrdy there. ::) Give the server a try and see what I mean ..it will be our loss if you dont and you will have over past a great server. Admin is alrdy pursuing a new host to give us a lag free environment..thats dedication imo to the ppl who play on the server. CYA in game

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i believe czWannabe doesnt know good english. a big announcement says SERVER MOVES AT ANOTHER MACHINE! easy to read i think. join and have fun

i believe you are as stupid as your nick is =)

i dont play here for more than one week so i dont have newest info about server

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Very very good server in my opinion.Friendly community , active admin, balanced classes i think it is a the best mid-rate server i ever played.Thnx for share it has all i want.If i knew how to give +1 karma for that would be great:)

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