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[Discussion]In which srv r u playing

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Now i'm waiting on www.l2hydra.com and on www.pvpgaming.net ... i'm going to try l2sublimity.com coz all server i tried till now sucks as hell, or closed.

like l2rebound (closed)

like l2vendetta (ppl leaved, ~ 100 online)

like l2revenge (sucks at all)

like l2exile (very nice, but a lot of customs and max 400 online)

like l2ice (shutted down)

like arenaofwars (i dont know what happen here)

like l2mafia (simply SUCKS AS HELL)

like l2kings (their entire community, webpage and all sucks)

like l2inversion (freya < sucks)

like all other servers that use freya with bugs..

like //EDIT: OK, l2sublimity - op donation, online max 200


servers lineage2.ro and rpg-club are maybe good too, for me only rpgclub coz it has more online than l2dex (.ro).


servers that could be good are l2hydra and pvpgaming (old pvpx).

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i'm waitin' on l2hydra to start spoil/warcryer epic journey!! :)


same by me.. only a one shitty thing.. Hydra is Interlude and there are no Wolfs :( so.. Maybe someone knows a new low rate server, but with a newer chronicle ?  (but not trinity 3x (Donate))  Thanks! :)

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Waiting on http://www.l2hydra.com/ too.... Seems balanced but its a bit low (x10) but adena is kinda good so it will balance ;) and with buffs its fast to lvl up :)



Its starting soon so fresh even better ;)

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