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[Gracia T2 L2J] L][Momentum


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Hello all :)

Here i present my server.


Our server is Gracia Part 2



Exp x5000

Sp x5000

Adena x5000

Party Xp x2



Safe Enchant +25

Max Enchant with Normal and Crystal Scrolls +45

Max Enchant with Blessed Scrolls +50

Normal Scroll Rates: 80% (When the enchant fails the item breaks)

Crystal Scroll Rates: 85% (When the enchant fails the item becomes +0)

Blessed Scroll Rates: 95% (When the enchant fails the item loses one enchant level)


Normal Scrolls are buyable with adena but you need to farm for Crystal and Blessed Scrolls!!

In order to obtain them you need to farm for Rust Gold Coins

You can find them in our custom areas or from L][Momentum Mobs (Champion).


***Other Custom Features***

Custom Weapons

Custom Armors

GM Shop

NPC Buffer

Custom Gatekeeper

PvP & PK Color System

9 hour buffs

Automated TvT Event Every 3 hours (You can join by pressing .join in "All" Chat or speak to the Event Manager which spawns in Giran Castle Town)

Portable Class Master (This means that when you reach levels 20/40/76 a window pops up and allows you to choose your occupations)

Balanced Classes

NPCs that look like players!!

When you make 5 kills in a row you get hero shine (you have no hero skills just the shine and only you can see it)

Hero Shine when you reach 100 PvPs (you have no hero skills just the shine and only you can see it)

No Weight Penalty

Hero Skills in all SubClasses!!

Maximum Subclasses are increased to 10

Custom Reputation Point Earning in order to develop your clan & clan skills more easily. For example when two clans are in a war state if a member kills an opponent he gets x50 More Points than he gained before

Banking commands (.withdraw .deposit)

Custom Areas in order to farm for custom items (In some areas i have placed some rocks, not to prevent you from leaving the place but to show you the limits of the area)


Many Events & Friendly GMs




WEBSITE: http://l2momentum.ucoz.com


P.S. We are currently at BETA Period ;D

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