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[Guide]How to make a vortex


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Step 1: Use gradient tool set to diference and go berserk... make sure its dark and light green...(try to get it to look alienish) then duplicate. Merge each gradient layer to a regular layer for editing.




Step 2: Select Filter, and go Stylize-Find Edges (on the duplicate)




Step 3: Invert colours (ctrl+I)




Step 4: Filter-blur-radial blur, These settings:


Amount: 50, Blur Method: Zoom, Quality: Best




Step 5: Filter>stylize>Extrude, these settings:


Type: Pyramids, Size: 3 Pixels, Depth: 30, Random




Step 6: Set blending mode to "Pin light" and merge down (ctrl+E)




Step 7: Duplicate the layer twice


Use on middle layer: Filter-Distort-Twirl Angle 200%


Use on top layer: Filter-Distort-Twirl Angle 400%




Step 8: On the top layer Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal and set the settings to screen and merge down




Step 9: Duplicate the layer twice and use theese settings on the middle layer


Filter - Artistic - Plastic Wrap. Use these settings:

Hightlight strength: 15

Detail: 9

Smoothness: 7




Step 10: Use Filter-Stylize-Wind on the middle one (any direction) then turn it cw 90dg and press ctrl+f

continiue all the way around, and set the layers ocapacity to 60%. (Make sure to use wind on each turn of canvas.)





Step 11: Set the blending mode to "soft light" on the top layer and merge the layers in steps 1 through 11




Step 12: Make a new layer- fill it with black




Step 13: Go to Filter-Render-Lens Flare and set Brightness 100%, 50-300mm Zoom Lens Type




Step 14: Go to Filter-Sketch-Chrome and use default settings Detail 4, Smoothness 7




Step 15: Go to Filter-Distort-Twirl and use these settings: Angle 547





Step 16: Press Ctrl-J to duplicate this layer and go to Edit-Transform-Rotate 180 dg to rotate this layer 180 degrees.




Step 17: Change blending mode to Screen.




Step 18: Go to Layer-Flatten Image to merge the layers of steps12 through 18, then go to Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation and use below settings to color our image:

Hue - 298 Saturation - 77 Lightness - 0




Step 19: Use the Elliptical Marquee tool with 10 pixels Feather to make a selection area around our "storm"




Step 20: Then press Ctrl-Shift-I to invert the selection and press Delete to erase it.




Step 21: New layer - Filter-Render-Clouds - name bg (important for later) Using shades of green




Step 22: Next go to Filter-Brush Strokes-Accented Edges


Use these settings:


Edge Width: 4


Edge Brightness: 39


Smoothness: 6




Step 23: Next create a new layer - Set the new layers blend mode to "Overlay".

go to Filter-Render-Clouds.

Next go to Filter-Sketch-Chrome...


Use these settings:


Detail: 10


Smoothness: 10


opacity - 20




Step 24: Go back to the "BG" layer. Go to Image-Adjustments>Hue-Saturation... (Ctrl + U)


Use these settings.


Hue: 113


Saturation: 29


Contrast: 27


Then, still on the "BG" layer, go to Image-Adjustments-Brightness/Contrast

Use these settings.


Brightness: 5


Contrast: 27


Merge layers from steps 21 to 24



width=532 height=768http://i39.tinypic.com/90ajrm.jpg[/img]


Step 25: Create a new layer and press D and X to reset and swap your background and foreground colors to black and white then go to Edit-Fill and fill your document with black.




Step 26: We will create "wind" effect from some straight lines so go to Filter-Pixelate-Mezzotint and select Fine dots type from the drop-down box.




Step 27: To turn these dots to straight lines, go to Filter-Blur-Motion Blur and set an angle of 0 degrees - then set distance at 900




Step 28: We just need some of them and the best way to eliminate gray lines is to go to Filter>Stylize>Glowing Edges and use the default settings (Edge Width 1, Edge Brightness 20, Smoothness 11). Click OK




Step 29: Now we should duplicate this layer by pressing Ctrl-J so that we can preserve this layer in case we make some mistakes. Next we will turn these straight lines to curved ones by going to Filter-Distort-Wave and use these settings:

Number of generators - 15

Wavelength: min. - 85 max. - 164

Amplitude: min. - 1 max. - 15

Scale: Horiz. - 100% Vert. - 100%




Step 30: We can make a "plastic" effect by going to Filter-Artistic-Plastic Wrap:

Highlight Strength - 20

Detail - 15

Smoothness - 15




Step 31: Using Transform- bring top to center of the vortex with the wind layer.




Step 32: Dupilcate wind layer, go to transform- rotate - 60 degrees. Do this until you have four wind layers, have them meet as if you cut a pie into quarters.




Step 33: Make a new layer, gradient - black and white-radial- white in center

Make a second layer and fill with dark green




Step 34: Our layer order and modes will be: (Starting from bottom up)


First Background layer (one we started with at the very beginning)


Second Layer - one we created in steps 1 through 11 mode - normal opc - 100%


Third layer - layer we made in step 33 mode - soft light opc. - 100%


Fouth layer - layer we made in steps 23 through 24 mode - Soft Light opc - 100%


Fifth Layer - green layer we made in step 33 mode - Saturation opc - 100%


Sixth Layer - layer we made in steps 12 through 20 mode - Overlay opc - 100%


Seventh Layer - we add in our wind layers. mode - luminosity opc - 25%

Note: If you intend to have the vortex pulling in an object, make sure to place the object beneath the wind layer.


Flatten image and go to image - curves - strong contrast



blue vortex



red vortex



yellow vortex




pink and green vortex




multi1 vortex



multi 2 vortex



red 2 vortex



orange vortex



Black and white vortex




Credits: www.photoshoptalent.com







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