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DecayTaskManager: how get the summom max time life.



I changed the scrollofresurrection.java to allow ress summons too. after ress the summon i cancel the decay task ...




Now the summuon is alive but your green bar or life time not reduce, so i do ...


DecayTaskManager.getInstance().addDecayTask(targetSummon,3600000); //1hour for decaytime


but i no want type 3600000 i want get the real or the max decay time configured for this summon.



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did it



//not de max time, i changed for 'time remaining' is better for me.


i ress the summon and your your green bar decrase normal but no consume any crystals per interval of time.. some clues?


EDITED: After ress the summon he no run and no follow the master i try...


targetSummon.stopMove(null, true);



but dont work

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