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Share your cheats! Become an "Uploader"


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  • Share your cheats! Become an "Uploader"


From now on, everyone who shares cheats,exploits, or any kind of usefull information, will be promoted to  "Uploader"


  • What is an "Uploader"?


Uploaders can:


+ Hide/unhide any topic.

+ View moderators hidden section.

+ Have the same permissions as a Donator Member.


Uploaders is a membergroup for those members that they sharing stuff to the forum!

You got promoted to an uploader because you made many shares! So , in order to stay uploader

you need the most important : activity , and then the main reason of this membergroup to keep

sharing usefull stuff to our forum. The inactive & those who stop sharing will be demoted instantly,because

you entered to the team doesnt mean that you give up and do nonthing. You must keep sharing in order to stay

in the team.


And finally they have really good reputation in our forum! Its a really good start for them to become future Maxcheater Moderators!


  • Moderators and Global Moderators pm me with nicknames you think they deserve to be "Uploaders"


Thanks for your attention.



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