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Tell me your opinion, what is the best class to play without buffs?

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Hallo! ;D It's me again with one more newbie question hahaha \o/


Well, like the topics says, what in your opinion you think is the best class to play solo, withou buffs, or friends etc... Solo style level 0-80 hehehe understand, in general, what is the best class to play solo, withou buffs ;D (I'm repeating myself lol hehe)


So, waiting for some answers


Ty, see ya !!!!!!


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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i think that an elemenal summoner without buffs is great. On my first server that i played (cyberworld)  i was elemental summoner and it wasnt so hard without buffs with haste, magic haste and alacrity potions.... the horses do a lot of dmg and i killed a tank with A grade when i was 62lvl with C :) i killed BD and abyss wallker in one :) so for me elemental summoner FTW! :) :P :)

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Prophet is nice, or BD wud pretty much rock you cuz dances are pretty powerful not to mention a strong damage based class, not exactly the perfect DD ur lookin for but with selfbuffs, BD is nice cuz they have other skills liek sting and others i cant remember, their nice to try out without buffs....

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for me

without buffers: summoners, you can level without a high grade weapon/armor

                      I specially like elemental summoner, i play on a x7 server now and I can lvl up in fod without buffers and equip. and with haste and empower


overlord warcryer prophet are very bad if you want to play without other players help its very hard to lvl up.


for bd u will need to buy lots of potions, a good weapon/set i dont like it for solo playing (i hate a bd without haste)


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Lol.. you guys suck bad... Seriously... He said without buffs.. how can a necro skill be affected if he has no buffs and he casts like shit?

The best class for olympiad-like fights is Gladiator and there isn't a class that can beat it maybe overlord has a chance if he is somekind of a pro otherwise he's unstopable.

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