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[Guide]Troll Warlord- Jarakal

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Troll Warlord- Jarakal






Where will Jarakal can find? here it's he





Jah'rakal - The Troll Warlord

Range: 500 | | Move Speed: 300 | Primary: AGI

Str: 17 + 2.2 | Agi: 21 + 2.75 | Int: 13 + 1

Damage: 36 - 58 | HP: 473 | Mana: 169

HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.53

Attack Speed: 1.34 (+ 21% IAS) | Armor: 2





Berserker's Rage (G)

Jah'rakal goes berserk, using his throwing axes as a melee weapon. He gains 27 minimum damage and 12 maximum damage, 100 HP, 3 armor, 7% move speed, and the Bash ability, but can only attack at melee range.

Level 1 - Bash has a 5% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds.

Level 2 - Bash has a 5% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds.

Level 3 - Bash has a 10% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds.

Level 4 - Bash has a 10% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds.

Mana Cost: 0

Cooldown: 0




Blind (D)

A searing light blinds the vision of a target enemy unit, making it miss on some attacks.

Lasts 15 seconds.

Level 1 - Misses on 15% of attacks.

Level 2 - Misses on 24% of attacks.

Level 3 - Misses on 33% of attacks.

Level 4 - Misses on 42% of attacks.

Mana Cost: 20

Cooldown: 8




Fervor (passive)

Passively increases the attack speed of friendly units within 300 AoE.

Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 5%.

Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 15%.

Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 20%.

Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 30%.

Stack with Necronomicon Archer's Endurance Aura.

Mana Cost: N/A

Cooldown: N/A





Jah'rakal goes into a feral rampage, increasing his attack and movement speeds.

Lasts 30 seconds.

Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 5%.

Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 80% and movement speed by 7%.

Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 120% and movement speed by 9%.

Mana Cost: 100/ 150/ 205

Cooldown: 55



Skill Build


Level 1 - Fervor (passive)

Level 2 - Berserker's Rage (G)

Level 3 - Fervor (passive)

Level 4 - Berserker's Rage (G)

Level 5 - Berserker's Rage (G)

Level 6 - Rampage®

Level 7 - Berserker's Rage (G)

Level 8 - Fervor (passive)

Level 9 - Fervor (passive)

Level 10 - Stats (S)

Level 11- Rampage®

Level 12 - Blind (D)

Level 13 - Blind (D)

Level 14 - Blind (D)

Level 15 - Blind (D)

Level 16 - Rampage®

Level 17to25 - Stats (S)



Item Build 1to last build items


1st build starting Items

For 4on4 and 5on5 games


1:Wraith Band

Slipper of agility

slippersofagility.jpg =150


Circlet of nobility

circletofnobility.jpg  =185

Recipe of wraith band

wraithband.jpg =125

Total = 460


Gives: + to agility

+ to all stats


2:Boots of speed


Total cost = 500


Gives:+50 increases movement speed.

+Movement speed does not stack with Boots of Speed, Power Treads or Boots of Travel.


3:Helm of Dominator

Helm of Iron Will

helmofironwill.jpg  =950


Mask of Death

= 900


= Helm of Iron Will

Helmofdominator.jpg = n/a



15% Life Leech

+10 Damage

+ 5 Armor


Dominate Creep for 20 minutes

700 Range| 300 Second Cooldown| 200 Mana Cost


2nd build item


1:Lorthar's Edge

lothars.jpg =4050



+21 Damage

+21 Agility

Wind Walk (active)


2:Power Threads


Gives:increase movement speed by 65%

+10 stats to attributes of your choice

+30% increase attack speed


Optional 2nd build items


3: Yasha


Gives:+16 Agility

+10% Movement Speed

+10% Attack Speed



4:Black King Bar


Gives:+18 Damage

+10 Strength

Activate: Avatar

Immune to most magic spells

9 Second Duration, 85 Seconds Cooldown

get this item if you have problems with stunners/disablers.....get this item first of all possible extensions.....if your having big problems against disablers/stunners


= 3850


This optional Items are need only if youre enemies are using magic spells like guinsoo anything disabling items you'll use BKB and If youre's enemies have fast MS! you'll use Yasha. Also i don't preferred Cranium Basher Because Troll has already a bash! so u don't alredy nid it ^_^



Last Build item


The Butterfly



30% Evasion

+30 damage

30% increased attack speed

+30 Agility

= 6250




Gives:25% Life Steal

+25 Strength

+5 Armor

Activate: Unholy Rage

50 sec cooldown, gives 30 bonus damage and additional 15% life steal


= 6150


3: Monkey King Bar



+75 Damage

+15% Attack Speed

Passive: Bonus Damage

100 Damage to Target 0.01 Second Stun 30% Chance





This my Overall Item ^_^

powerthreads.gifsatanic.jpgBTNRodOfNecromancy-1.giflothars.jpg  BTNINV_ThrowingKnife_04.gif




Early game 0-15 minutes

Any lane would be good, but as much as possible, go to mid lane (even if there are nukers) since int-type units have slowest AS. You may want to have a lane partner with you if you can't handle it. Buy a few tangos and a chicken

, if you still have money, buy a few branches/circlets. Try to creepblock so that you can gain experience faster than any other heroes, if you can't it's alright. Immediately cast blind on them if they start attacking creeps. There are chances that they'll miss. Also, deny units if you can. Your goal for this early game is to grow and farm. If you think they're pressing on you, switch a lane with your allies, or, survive it by ordering your chicken to buy consumables for you. You should have a boots of speed, basilius, and an elvenskin, also consider a Town Portal and a few circlets/branches before early game ends.


Md game15 to 32 minutes

You may want to go for a kill but make sure that you can kill it. Also, form Maelstrom first before Dying is a possible to lose and hard to get the last items. Farming is still the best answer in this situatuin! You are not still allowed to join gb or killing hero mode.


Final game 32 above minutes


This is where you'll truly shine. You should have most of your main items by now. if you think there's nothing to farm, go neutral creeping or go to Roshan (he spawns ever 10 minutes after the time you've killed him) if he's not there, backdoor. If there are enemies w/c you can handle, go for it but bring an ally along if that enemy is with someone. This is the part of the game where no one is alone. Push a lane and show no mercy to anyone that crosses your teams' way.Yuu have a 72% evasion 25% lifesteal , a faster ms and as.You are invulnerable to magic spells for 9 seconds. MOSt all you have an OMG damage you xur you gonna win you're juz better than super man ...yeap xur your ultimate beyong godlike OMG



Best supporting hero


Do u know who is it? he is

Purist Thunderwrath - The Omniknight


Totally gives a invulnerable to magic heals a nearby hero haah i like this supporting hero than stunners ^_^


Other good supporting heroes

Stunners and disablers can be ^_^



Worst Enemy

Blinkers and faster MS i xur u bet getting rid with them hardly to kill



Hope You Like It.



Question and answer

Q:: Why does Troll needs a Black king bar

A: For magic spells


Q:: Why Rampage at level 6?

A: Rampage level 1 is used only for escaping. Most heroes killing ability only start at level 7 with their main spell maxed out.

Level 1 Rampage (Ranged); Boots: 358 MS / Power Treads: 374 MS / Boots of Travel: 401 MS

Level 1 Rampage (Melee); Boots: 379 MS / Power Treads: 395 MS / Boots of Travel: 422 MS


Q:: Why Stats in between here and there?

A: They help buff you up between transitions from early to mid and mid to late


Sry For Bad English



P.S:If Some 1 Make Guide For This Char Just Lock My Sry :S


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