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[Help] Need some help with FileEdit

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Hi everyone, I got problems adding stuff on dat files with FileEdit. Most of the times when I paste an armor script (the problem is mostly with the armorgrp.dat) and then try to save the file I get an error that the new-armorgrp.dat file does not exist (inside a temp root) and my FileEdit closes. I am pretty sure this has to do with the copy paste from the text files, somehow the scipts must not be paste correctly. What makes me say that is that once I tried one of the customs stefoulis uploaded and he had both the text and the dat file. I tried to paste from text and I got error but when I coppied the script from the dat file everything was ok.

Any ideas on what I might doing wrong? Thank you in advance

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I solved this by pasting the lines i needed in the correct order..4 of them didnt worked dunno why but others did or something else i done between my last try changed that cuz this solution doesnt have any sense.  ::)

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