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What do you think of Lineage?

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Well guys some years before I remember almost everyone was playing L2(2005-2007),but now has lost many players the game.


I think that the developers in NCSoft,don't do good work. ;D


The new updates have some new land,new skills,new monsters and new weapons.


There's no development in the graphics,in the gameplay nothing new to make the game better.


What do you think about Lineage in some years?

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It will fail, it will most likely copy things from WoW as Koreans have lack of ideas. And just to note you, NCsoft buys the game from koreans. Koreans create it. I will play on Interlude for the rest of Lineage 2 History , if Lineage 3 comes and its better i will play it if not i will stick with Interlude, if it died already i will search for another game.

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