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[Guild]{UPDATE5}pos na kano to diko mou l2java server (ikones+video)

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magkes sorry alla 8elw na anevasw ena server gracia epilogue kai den exw katalavei xristo


poia arxeia prepei na exw...se poio path to ka8ena....opoios exei oreksh na m ekshghsei as steilei

ekatsa k katevaza ena ena ta arxeia java 1kb to ka8ena mexri pou vare8hka...k diavasa kai to guide meta... !!!den!!!


elehson :)

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File SubZ3Ro Poli kali douleia...alla pros8ese episeis sto share sou afto edw...:



kai ftaxneis afto:


# Minimum and maximum protocol revision that server allow to connect.

# You must keep MinProtocolRevision <= MaxProtocolRevision.

MinProtocolRevision = 1

MaxProtocolRevision = 999


Kai episeis gia na ton kaneis Internet ton server ftiaxneis kai afto:



# This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname

ExternalHostname=  <tin no-ip edw...Bale kai kanena Guide ;)


aaa kai episeis to register server ;) xaxaxa ftiaxto ligo akoma ^^ afou mporeis ;)

file emena dn exei oute sto server.properties internalhostname kai extrenalhostname alla oute sto loginservver.properties help plsss

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