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[Guide]Traxex,Drow Ranger

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Traxex is known as a death sealer. Once her team marks a target, ganking will be pure success, with the spells the Drow Ranger has in her arsenal. Coupled with her powerful possible damage output, she can be one of the best killers throughout the whole game.


She is played as a semi-carry, a supportive hero with a twist of carry material. With the devastating ability of her skills to render the enemy helpless, and also with powerful damage output she can make, played properly she is devastating. My guide will show how to be a great early helper, and then a late game attraction.



Table of Contents

• GS1. Skill Set

• GS2. Skill Build

• GS3. Item Build

• GS4. Techniques

• GS5. General strategy

• GS6. Best Allies and Worst Enemies

• GS7. Replays

• GS8. Closing Statement

* f you want to make a quick shortcut, type Ctrl + F, type GS<no.> then press enter two times.






Skill Set

(Click on the icon to see its effect.)


Frost Arrows

Mechanics: This skill also affects mechanical units. Against non-hero units, the slow would last up to 10 seconds.

Strategics: This is what made Traxex a gank-star. This is what made Traxex famous. This is what made Traxex as annoying as you. This is your key to success, the arrow that strikes fear in your enemies’ hearts. This is a pure-win skill in fighting, ganking, chasing and in being an effective killer.




Mechanics: Like any other silence, this one also doesn’t silence item skills, so Silence can’t stop activation of Avatar, TP and the likes.

Strategics: This is yet another team-oriented skill which helps your team in clashes, and even helps your team survive. This helps you score successful ganks preventing enemies to escape. Silence is a very versatile skill with a long duration, and when used properly this is a big help to your team in winning the game.



Trueshot Aura

Mechanics: Items give bonus damage as well.

Strategics: Being a great team helper, even Traxex herself gets supported by her own skillset in scoring kills like any other hero does. With high capability to stop enemies from escaping, she has a high percentage to score kills even by herself, and with additional DPS from this Aura and Marksmanship, a farmed Traxex would be a dangerous carry against the opposing team.




Mechanics: It’s so cool it pawns you.

Strategics: The +30 damage + 30 AS is not even funny that it hurts. With the additional agility from Marksmanship, Traxex has an increased power in every shot she makes, and that is a key for late game domination.






Skill Build


Level 1: Frost Arrows

Level 2: Silence

Level 3: Trueshot Aura/ Frost Arrows

Level 4: Attribute Bonus

Level 5: Trueshot Aura/ Frost Arrows

Level 6: Marksmanship

Level 7: Trueshot Aura/ Frost Arrows

Level 8: Trueshot Aura/ Trueshot Aura

Level 9: Frost Arrows/ Trueshot Aura

Level 10: Frost Arrows/ Trueshot Aura

Level 11: Marksmanship

Level 12: Frost Arrows/ Trueshot Aura

Level 13: Silence

Level 14: Silence

Level 15: Silence

Level 16: Marksmanship

Level 17+: Attribute Bonus


Why Frost Arrows is only gotten on level 1 may shock you, but since it has zero cooldown in level 1, you can already do as much orb walk with level 1 arrows as level 4 arrows since only the slow percent in increased. Because Traxex needs high damage, we will just maximize Arrow later for maximum slow percent when her attack damage becomes high enough to deal lots of damage in one shot. However when you're moved to a dual lane for some reason, be more of a support hero early on. In this case, max Frost Arrows first then Aura because the slow will be more helpful in scoring kills with your ally.


Silence may be a great item against heroes, but not until a big fight goes on, and epic clashes happen mostly in mid game, and Silence might be the single powerful force to make your team win the clash. In early game no clash will happen (most likely), but a level of Silence is gotten for escaping purposes.


Trueshot Aura is the single powerful Aura that will make you achieve about 50 damage at level 7 with 2/3 Wraith Bands. It's the Aura that will make Orbwalking especially mid game so painful in every shot. The additional damage also helps you last hit and farm even from the start, and if you farm well you will carry the game like a God np. Getting this early on gives you more farming capabilities, and you can't actually make somebody worry while Orbwalking them if you deal damage like ****. If your team has a better carry and you get to go on a dual lane, it's better that you delay Trueshot Aura for Frost Arrows (Reason explained in paragraph of Frost Arrow).


Getting Marksmanship whenever possible is a No-brainer. More agility for more damage, more damage for more carry material.






Item Build



Boots of Speed is pretty much the basic item and anyone including Traxex should get one.


Double Bracers are really great and cheap items to reduce Traxex’ fragility, and also to give her a bit of everything she needs early game. As an option, getting a Wraith Band or two as a replacement/s to Bracers is also good, as a help to Traxex’ DPS output.


Lothar’s Edge is probably the most effective item to get before any tier 4 item for Traxex. Even with a few bracers or bands, Traxex is still fragile. Even with a Silence, against a physical attack it would be useless. Plus, Traxex always has some precious time to be alone for a while and push a bit. When she’s pushed a little too far, ambushes become more possible, and Wind Walk is the only item which can help you escape.


Not only does it give you an awesome skill to help you work your way to victory, it also gives you a great deal of damage. About 45 damage plus about 20% IAS is not a joke. With a few bracers/bands and Lothar’s Edge, you can obtain more than 100 additional damage at level 12 with maxed Trueshot Aura.




Extension Items



Boots of Travel

When your Traxex is being a successful businesswoman, get her a better pair of boots with the ability to teleport, making the whole map her farming monopoly, and also making herself an all-lane defender. BoT also gives a faster route home when you’re escaping from a possible gank.



Survival Option: Black King Bar

Offensive Option: The Butterfly

If you are in need of more defense against spells and disables, getting a BKB saves you from like 10 harmful spells a clash. The avatar not only protects you, because as you last longer in battle, you shoot more arrows, therefore you deal more damage along with being immune to magic. The other misc. bonuses are also helpful, even if they're just small.

If you don't feel you need another survivability item such as BKB, add more DPS, and butterfly is the number one DPS item. Butterfly gives you 60 damage, furthermore increased by Trueshot Aura, and +60% IAS is no joke. It's like hyperstone, a bit even better. Those bonuses make butterfly > mkb, buriza, anything else np.



Further Item Discussion

Items in green are optional.

Items in red are bad.

Buriza Do Kyanon – It’s a freaking awesome item because you can possibly make it to about 600-800+ criticals. If the game goes very long and you got about 10k gold to waste, get this one first.


Monkey King Bar - MKB is also another great alternative for Buriza, but I doubt after getting an Edge/Bfly I think Buriza is better (With like 600 critical), but MKB also deserves a mention. The ministun proc stops tp, and you can deal as much as 500 additional damage in 4 secs.


Hood of Defiance - A phucking rape item against casters, getting this pretty early in the game gives a significant reduction against nukes. If you want defense against the dark arts spells, this is a cheap and effective item for you.


Heart of Tarassque - A great item to boost your hp, HoT is also a good late game item to survive against powerful DPS/ nukes so you can then WW away.


Assault Cuirass – We’d better give this item to tanks, not to someone who needs more DPS, and DPS is what Assault Cuirass cannot give.


Divine Rapier – Well why not? Because it’s too expensive and you’re still fragile to carry it, but when you seemingly can’t get killed in the game, you can still get it for more ownage.


Kelen’s Dagger – With the nerf done to it, escaping is very hard for you, so I reject this item.


Sange and Yasha – Some people prefer this as their core item instead of Lothar’s Edge but I for one think this is bull****. For spending about 5000 gold for a slow effect you already have, you’re simply wasting your gold. The hp however may help, but even a simple nuke like lightning bolt makes it negligible.


Hand of Midas – Hand of Midas is for heroes who have no farming capability. Traxex can farm her gold out from last hitting, and provided with her fast attack speed she can destroy towers and get gold like a crazy Chinese ri***armer, so HoM is not a good item to get.


Orb Items (Lifesteal, Feedback, etc) – Most of the time Frost Arrows override all other orb effects. If I were you I wouldn’t waste tons of gold for something that just isn’t worth it.







BASIC: Frost-Harass

From level one, with 0 cooldown you can already own anyone with continuously throwing Frost Arrows at them. Even at the first wave you can already harass your lane enemy. If they don’t come outside your range in a few moments, you can have yourself the firstblood. Continuously harassing them in the lane will make them underleveled, and it will give you an easier time controlling the lane.


BASIC: Orb Walking

When the projectile has come off from you, issue the move command to where you’re going right away to cancel the delay in your animation. This gives you a time advantage to chase your enemies most especially when you’re against the fog of war. Orb Walk whenever you face an enemy, and don’t stop shooting Frost Arrows at them.


When to ****-Haxxor

Or simply when to use Silence.

You use Silence either as a defensive skill to prevent you from being disabled or as an offensive skill to prevent enemies from escaping when you’re going to gank an enemy. Also use silence to stop channeling spells and whenever a clash is starting. In every scenario, usage of Silence gives you an amount of time to prepare for anything without getting interfered, and that time gives you millions of other things to do besides the things I have mentioned.


Silence TP

As another escape tool, use silence against enemies, run and use teleport. Hide in trees for more chances of escaping.



With a Lothar’s Edge, running away from a fight with WW then using teleport is another option to escape.


Unseen Silence

After getting an Edge, use Wind Walk in the fog, and go near your enemy. When you or your teammates are ready, Silence the enemy/s to get out of the fog and Orb Walk them to death.






General Strategy


Laning. Traxex is a decent laner, but then again she has no awesome nukes like better soloers have (Slayer, SF, PotM, etc.) but it’s still worth a try. She can either solo or go in a dual lane. If you have a noob team and you’re the only one with the capability go solo, but if you have a teammate with a character like SF, Syllabear or other better soloers go in a dual lane.


For items, get a circlet/ few GG branches and tangoes. Farm a bit in your lane to get your starting items when you go back to your base.


Your best lane would probably be bottom lane for Sentinel and top lane for Scourge. Mid isn’t that good for Frost-Harassing because it’s too short, and the lanes I favored have a lot of space for you and your possible lane partner to harass the enemy laners, which is great for a massive damage output.


Lane-Controlling. You should have a balanced time between lasthit-denying and orb-harassing your lane enemy. When you solo mid, try to stay away from dangerous nukes. Every now and then try to shoot some arrows to them to give you some time for easy laning. In a dual lane once your teammate orders you for support, slow your target and don’t stop orb-walking till you get a kill. Always use your level 1 Silence (Once you reach level 2) whenever it is needed.


When you hit something like levels 7-9 and your enemies are missing, go find them in other lanes or just farm in your lane/forest like nothing’s happening.


Farming. Well in the past Traxex was an uber-farmer with the former marksmanship effect, but now I think Traxex can farm as well without the replaced marksmanship effect. All you have to do is last hit, score some ganks and farm in neuts. Always cut time between farming and doing something for your team. A balanced time for these actions will make you a great player for your team. Everything you’ve farmed up for will pay up for late game, where you get an extremely powerful DPS and a large role for your team in many ways.


Ganking. With everything you have, always try to use Silence first before everything, but if not before everything at least use it when your enemies are being stunned/disabled by your team’s main initiator. After that orb-walk them without stopping, and your team will score a kill without difficulty.


Pushing. It’s not advisable to have many time for pushing, but it’s certainly a big help if you crush a tower or two.


When you are pushing, always avoid staying near the areas where enemies may suddenly pop out and own you. When farming in top/btm lane, stay at the very edge of the map to give you maximum time to react and WW your way to escape. If there is no one guarding another lane, go tp there if you have a scroll to push there, and this rushes the enemies there. When they do this they’ll probably break up, and organize a gank if you have the chance.


Team Battles. When a war starts, immediately use Silence against the enemies, for a very large advantage for your team. Always focus on your primary target, and slow anyone who tries to run. Use Wind Walk for additional speed to chase fast runners or to escape from a losing battle. If there are enemies chasing you, don’t slow them. Simply use WW whenever you can and run.




Additional Strategy


Warding. Traxex is not an ideal ward-bish. She is in ways item-dependant, and she needs to farm and level up and avoid other things. But if you are in a situation where you have no problems whatsoever, go get some wards and post them in the regular areas like rune-areas, roshan area, and the forest. If you happen to control a crow and have hax micro skills, go get some wards and post them with your crow.


Runing. You don’t have a bottle. If your allies have one, invite them to capture the rune. If not, ask your allies if they need it and guard it for a moment. If a group of enemies happen to see you, immediately get the rune and WW away.






Best Allies and Worst Enemies


Best Allies



Juggernaut's Blade Fury is simply powerful, but it deals its optimum damage only when the enemy is disabled/ slowed. Traxex has a slow, and you two can deal serious injury very easily.



Tank Stunners

Heroes like Sven/ ES are perfect to lane with Traxex. A slow matched with a stun is pretty very powerful in the eyes of many, and a combo like this is pretty good when you're making a lineup for mid-level play (Stun+stun is still the best).



Support Heroes

These heroes are great for everyone, but especially for Traxex because she is one hell of a fragile hero. A heal would help her a lot, and especially Omniknight would be a great help because of spell immunity/ damage immunity, and other heroes like Chen basically help out with their heal.




Worst Enemies


Solo Nukers: Tinker, Lich, etc.

They are probably your worst nightmare. They are the most dangerous nukers especially for early game because they can make you underleveled, and that's what you DON'T want to happen.

Counter: Be defensive. Don't harass much, and I think you need to max out Aura first for more last hitting capabilities. When an ally drops by set-up a gank, so you can have some free time for farming.



Dual Lane Nukers: Lina, Lion, etc.

They are still hurtful. All nukers are a pain to Traxex. Dual Lane nukers are pretty much a pain and can deal significant damage to you. Special mention to Lion/ Lina, for one chain combo leaves you dead.

Counter: You and your ally should focus on them more. Once you kill them you will have lesser problems handling the lane.



Heroes with Invisibility: Rikimaru, Gondar, etc.

First off, you cannot see them without wards/ gem. Second, they have high damage enough to kill you a matter of moments the time they start whacking you.

Counter: Get wards and gank them.



Trackers: Gondar, Slardar, etc.

Wind Walk is your main escaping mechanism, but if you're going to get seen even while Wind Walking, and especially that they have skills to increase their movespeed, you'll still get killed while running.

Counter: Always start clashes by killing them. That way you can't be tracked even when the battle starts.








4v4 Pubstomp.

Gah, a pretty bad replay with 2 leavers on my side. I wasn't actually bringing out my best because I was sleepy (2am np) but still a pubstomp nonetheless. I and an ally Bristleback pwned 4 heroes in this game. Not anywhere near primary replay material, but still a decent replay nonetheless.

In this replay I most probably maxed Frost Arrows first, and got an Edge. Got a fly, a BoT, a rapier and a horn. Leaver Lion I got his items and sold it, NA left I got a Relic from him and decided to make a rapier instead of BKB. Got killed several times but still managed to crush the throne.


With some DP members. Pubstomp.

A pretty decent replay, yet again, with DP members. Pubstomped I should say.


* Much better replays to come ^.^ *






Closing Statement


This is my 7th guide in Dotaportal, and is an entry for the 17th HGC. Props to people like Pete and Baconer for making this format very famous, especially to Pete for creating this format, and thanks to me for modifying and making more **** guides with the same format.





Credits to Rikimaru The Assasin.

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yeah... Nice C/P!

This guide sucks soz but is the truth... Is C/P and without Images...

Very difficult to read.


/agree... there is no interest in reading it ;)


and stop with the:

PS: karma if i helped you

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yeah... Nice C/P!

This guide sucks soz but is the truth... Is C/P and without Images...

Very difficult to read.


off topic:


did you see me put the credits to me ?? , I put the nick of the person who created this guide, not like many ppl here that just copy paste and dont put the credits, so shut up the next time.



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off topic:


did you see me put the credits to me ?? , I put the nick of the person who created this guide, not like many ppl here that just copy paste and dont put the credits, so shut up the next time.


Yeah... You put Credits and?

Your Job is not yours... And don't talk me with this way.


I spend much time for you so stop spam here!


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Dark Speak better..And Even to Morian ^^!

And Then Consider this!

Post a 100%self made own DotA guide on new or already existing herooes!(NO copies)


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Dark Speak better..And Even to Morian ^^!

And Then Consider this!

Post a 100%self made own DotA guide on new or already existing herooes!(NO copies)


competition is over!!! but he cant register his guide to sticky....

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off topic:


did you see me put the credits to me ?? , I put the nick of the person who created this guide, not like many ppl here that just copy paste and dont put the credits, so shut up the next time.



speak better don't open ''war'' it won't be nice for noone in here , nobody told you anything bad is our opinion and u MUST accept it, its not critic its OPINION kk? anyway if anyone REALLY but REALLY READ ALL THE POST TELL IT.. I BELIEVE THAT NOONE will read this..

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d4rkangel your topic is fair...

kenji your words is right...

keep up guys he c/p a guide and post it with credits?

maybe he doesn't know to play traxex or he bored to make a cool guide...

watch out

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  • 2 weeks later...

speak better don't open ''war'' it won't be nice for noone in here , nobody told you anything bad is our opinion and u MUST accept it, its not critic its OPINION kk? anyway if anyone REALLY but REALLY READ ALL THE POST TELL IT.. I BELIEVE THAT NOONE will read this..


off topic: sorry for the words that I write in a moment that I was pissed off, hope the other partner can accept my apologizes.

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