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[GUIDE] How to edit textures ! by zalecs

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First of all, you need some utilitys:


* UTPT TOOL (to extract textures)




* Adobe Photoshop (to edit img)


* the DDS Photoshop plugin




* UE2Runtime-22261903 (Unreal Editor Runtime (attention to version)




* L2decrypt



Install all programs.




1) Using UTPT:


1.1) Open a L2font called Fiser UTX-e.utx (in SysTextures)


1.2) look after a loading screen and start screen textures


1.3) We extract the DDS.


1.4) I just finished UTPT, it shut.



2) Open Photoshop.


2.1) Open 1 of the texture.


2.2) Modify it as you wish.


2.3) Save it as a DDS.


2.4) I will defend DDS plugin.


2.5) Choose the option "MIPMAPS NO" (or something genu) and save the file.




NOTE: It is good to know:


When importing a DX3 with ALPHA channel, you must select "masked".





3) Open Edition Unreal Runtime


3.1) I see a window that appears ... Search and Texutres.


3.2) Create a new texture with:


3.2.1) Package name: THE NAME OF UR PACKAGE (myPackage)


3.2.2) Group name: The name of textures GROUP (myL2group)


3.2.3) Texture name: The name of a texture (myLoagindTex)


3.3) If the time between a window, you may close.


3.4) Now importing texture


3.4.1) Please select the DDS file


3.4.2) Texture name: rename the file something like DDS (myLoadingTexA)


3.5) Save





4) decrypt the 'Lineage II / System / Fontinfo.ini' (ttfontinfo.ini at C6)


4.1) Change the following columns:


4.1.1) English_LogoTexture = myPackage.myGroup.myLoadingTexA


4.1.2) English_LoadingTexture = L2Starts.L2Starts.myLoadingTexB


4.2) Save and Crytati again.




5) Make a backup to your Fontinfo.ini


6) Now replace the files created by you.


7) Add the package vostru (UTX) in SysTextures

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well i think we have for rightknow a lot guides about creating textures but anyway thanks for contribution!!!

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