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Hack L2 servers and don't get IP banned.


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download this program. This is like proxy, just working with VPN. Using this is very very very easy. Just download, install this then open. You internet explorer (IE,OPERA,FIREFOX or something) will open. Here you press connect button and here you are, your IP changed! Now go in L2 or any other game with other IP.

1 bad thing - you will have lag with this. But this will works perfect for crashing servers with crt error or something.

Works 100% tested. :)

Anyway, you can buy VPN from here http://www.swissvpn.net/ and you won't have any lag... :)

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There was a similar post with a program named Tor.

Tor? I hate this program.. ;D Don't get how it works (rofl) and this is really easy to use..


y but with which hack? l2phx xD changing my ip is nothing(in greece) but hacking a server is kind difficult!


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