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[Help]Respawn delay.



Hi everybody :D


Well... i have this question...

I download TexasJunior Edited pack of l2jarchid and i have the following problem...

regular monsters have a 60 seconds respawn delay right?

Good!But at me if i use //spawn command the monster have a 300 seconds respawn delay...

i checked on database spawnlist but nothing there to help me... i checked the

respawn time and it was 60 seconds but when i use the command to spawn it is 300 seconds :@!

Any help?



I figured it out


All (regular) monsters are set to respawn every 60 seconds

after their death.


But if you use the command //spawn it is automated to respawn after their death in 300 seconds...


So... What can you do about it?


When you use the //spawn command you must add 2 numbers with spaces.


//spawn [iD/NAME] [AMOUNT] [TIME]


Like this:

//spawn gremlin 1 60



PS:If there is another way which i can change them without typing all these please tell me ^^.

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