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[Guide][Contest Guide]Magina , The Anti-Mage

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Magina The Anti-mage



Starting Attributes:

Strength     19 + 1.9

Agility         22 + 2.8

Intelligence 15 + 1.8


Story :

Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him the unique ability to move faster than light itself. Now, broken by Terrorblade's fall to the dark side, Magina answers the Sentinel's call in a desperate bid to redeem his brother. Every bitter strike turns the Scourge's evil essences upon themselves, culminating in a finale that forces his enemy to awaken to the void within and spontaneously implode.

Spells and Skill Build :



Mana Break

Each attack burns mana based on spell level.

Level 1 - 16 mana per hit.

Level 2 - 32 mana per hit.

Level 3 - 48 mana per hit.

Level 4 - 64 mana per hit.

Orb effect.


This skill burn mana of your enemies per hit  . One of the best skills on magina. With this skill you  can do your enemies to not use spells! This is combo With your ulty! It deals 0.6 damages per mana point burn.




Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.

Costs 60 mana.

Level 1 - 12 second cooldown.

Level 2 - 9 second cooldown.

Level 3 - 7 second cooldown.

Level 4 - 5 second cooldown.

Mana Cost: 60


Great skill for escape/chase . That skill does magina to have a great escape mechanism.



Spell Shield

Magina channels a powerful warding magic, damping the negative effects of spells.

Level 1 - Reduces magic damage by 10%.

Level 2 - Reduces magic damage by 20%.

Level 3 - Reduces magic damage by 30%.

Level 4 - Reduces magic damage by 40%.

This skill reduce magic damage.For exaple : Chaos lucent beam 300 m.dmg , you only get 120m.dmg(40+20=60%).



Mana Void

Creates a powerful void in an enemy unit caused by a lack of mana. For each mana point missing, the unit takes damage.

Level 1 - .6 damage per mana point missing.

Level 2 - .85 damage per mana point missing.

Level 3 - 1.1 damage per mana point missing.

Mana Cost: 175 / 225 / 275

Cooldown: 120 seconds.


This skill does ministun , which interapts TC and channeling spells. This skill deals m.dmg . Exaple : Puck's remain mana is 100/1100 and you do mana void he take 1100  m.dmg - 20% =850 dmg ... This skill is the fear of INT heroes!!!!



Skill Build:


Level 1- Blink

Level 2- Mana Break

Level 3- Mana Break

Level 4- Blink

Level 5- Mana Break

Level 6- Mana Void

Level 7- Mana Break

Level 8- Blink

Level 9- Blink

Level 10- Spell Shield

Level 11- Mana Void

Level 12-14- Spell Shield

Level 15- Stats

Level 16- Mana Void

Level 17-25- Stats


Explaination:Blink at start for escaping reasons!! Spell Shield at lvl10 because mana brek and blink are more important.Mana break because with 3 hits at start enemies doest have any mana left... Mana void at 6level because it can help !!!!!


How to Use blink :


These are exaples :



Magina wan creeping with low life and puck came and magina trying to escape ...




An  exaple :




When to use mana void:

When  enemy has under  10% remain mana , or when he is escaping with low mana and when escaping with TC.

Dont use it for a player  who has only 300mana!!!!



Item Build :

Magina level 25 without Item :



1st Item Build (Reccoment)




1)It gives movement spead , atck speed and agility, I recoment power treads and not BoT.



1)Magina is a Low life Hero , a vanguard help by giving block dmage, life and regen



1) For lifesteal , Magina cant have hell of domi because it is orb effect so vladimirs its ok



1)Because magina hit fas a basher is a good idea for the  build!



1)Fast atacks that means fast mana burn

2) Armor + - armor



1)Atack speedfast mana burn

2)Evasion  , misses muhahahahahhaahhaha



With this build : U have big atck. speed . U have much armor , u have bash , U have big dmg but you dont have big life ...


2nd build :





1)Critical + more damage



1)Big life

2)Big regenaration


With this Build you have :  Big damage , Big life , critical + bash but  you have low atck.speed .


Situational items :



If anemies are nukers only.



1) With this you have 100% magic  damage resist



1) Damage + damage aura



1)Gives damage.

2)Atack speed




Rejected Items :


Orb Effects :




1)You have arleady a blink .


Pros and cons :



1)He has mana burn .

2)He has great escape mechanism.

3)He has imba ulty.

4)Hight agility.

5)He has magic reducion.


Cons :

1)Low life.

2)Low mana.

3)Not noob friendly.

4)He has specificly items , he cant get orb effects.

5) he can easily be killeD by Tanks.

Some technigues :

1) You see an inteligent for exaple lina , she has mana for do ulty and stun , do blink behind her and hit , if she isnt fast she will lost her mana for a stun ;)

2)You have an enemy like sven or enchantress and enchantress do you impetus , you she it hat it comes to you , fast use blink and you will not be hitted!

3)When you blinked to catch someone , just go in front of him and block him and you hit more times.

4)Heroes that run 522 speed like sladar , balanar bloodseeker can chase you  , Now the game become MindGame , go to places that they cannot go ...




How to play with magina :

Levels 1-7


The most difficult part , you have only 450 life and you must survive. Go to your line , play a little deffently , get creeps and do deny , try to get fast exp . Try to  complete vanguard ,some wraith bans  will be usefull (max=2) .


Levels 7-14 Mid game


Now try to get at least Power traits and vladimirs , go jugling and start killing enemies... Avoid killing tanks alone ...

Try to  get towers ....


Levels 25-25


Now complete your build , go and kill roshan u can and alone .... Go and kill intelect and agilyty heroes , tanks only with a teammate....


Best allies :


Stunners :


With there stun and your blink noone will escape ever!




1)He has great bash

2)With his charge noone will ever escape.


Relye CM:


1)With her passive ,  she will help you to have always mana.

Worst Enemies :






If she does mirror image , Then u can kill her! And if she has manta you will never find the real!


Beware :



1)With his repel he  doesnt get mana burn.

2)He has much life

3)His heal can kill you easily.



Inteligent Heroes:


Inteligent without mana are nothing.


Agility heroes which need mana :


Pudge :


1)Without mana no hook , no ulty!


How to chase : Thnk like your enemy where he will go! When he use TC use ulty asap! When he hasnt many mana ulty and gg you killed him!! GodLike


Credits: 100% Guide by TheEnd for maxcheaters contest and for a general Guide!


The End



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IMO Heart of Tarrasque is not so good for Magina.

Better spend that kind of money on a Butterfly.

With so much atk. speed --> more cits --> more regen from life steal --> imba survivability.

+30% evasion!!

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IMO Heart of Tarrasque is not so good for Magina.

Better spend that kind of money on a Butterfly.

With so much atk. speed --> more cits --> more regen from life steal --> imba survivability.

+30% evasion!!


Imo calm down The guide hasnt finished yet ..

Hot gives life , magina hasnt life , why to make second buterfly, evasion isnt stackable!!!

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+1 karma


this is a very nice try...far the best from allllll your guides so far

thank you noble!!! I have wrk too much time for this guide ! That was the best award ;)

I made Jasha or Sange (the one which gives speed).

u want to say yasha , I dont believe that it could be  a reccomented item..... but u can build it !!sange cant be used it is orb effect!

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    • Hello I just made this simple code implementation for teleportation at l2jMobius and I'd like to share it with you.     Java code -> \java\org\l2jmobius\gameserver\model\actor\instance\CustomTeleporter.java /* * This file is part of the L2J Mobius project. * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU * General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ package org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.data.xml.TeleporterData; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.enums.InstanceType; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.enums.TeleportType; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.instancemanager.CastleManager; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.Location; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Creature; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Npc; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.Player; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.templates.NpcTemplate; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.holders.TeleporterQuestRecommendationHolder; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.quest.QuestState; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.teleporter.TeleportHolder; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.PacketLogger; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.SystemMessageId; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.serverpackets.SystemMessage; import org.l2jmobius.gameserver.util.Util; import java.util.*; import java.util.logging.Logger; public class CustomTeleporter extends Npc { private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(CustomTeleporter.class.getName()); private static final Map<Integer, List<TeleporterQuestRecommendationHolder>> QUEST_RECOMENDATIONS = new HashMap<>(); public CustomTeleporter(NpcTemplate template) { super(template); setInstanceType(InstanceType.Teleporter); } @Override public boolean isAutoAttackable(Creature attacker) { return attacker.isMonster() || super.isAutoAttackable(attacker); } @Override public void onBypassFeedback(Player player, String command) { String[] xyzs = command.split(" "); int[] xyz; try { xyz = new int[]{Integer.parseInt(xyzs[1]), Integer.parseInt(xyzs[2]), Integer.parseInt(xyzs[3])}; } catch (Exception e) { LOGGER.warning("Error while parsing coordinates: " + command); return; } if (player.isInCombat() || player.isJailed()) { player.sendMessage("You cannot use a teleporter while in combat!"); return; } if (command.startsWith("goto")) { player.teleToLocation(xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2]); } else if (command.startsWith("ptzone")) { if (player.isInParty()) { player.teleToLocation(xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2]); } } else { super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } } @Override public String getHtmlPath(int npcId, int value, Player player) { String pom; if (value == 0) { pom = String.valueOf(npcId); if ((player != null) && QUEST_RECOMENDATIONS.containsKey(npcId)) { CHECK: for (TeleporterQuestRecommendationHolder rec : QUEST_RECOMENDATIONS.get(npcId)) { final QuestState qs = player.getQuestState(rec.getQuestName()); if ((qs != null) && qs.isStarted()) { for (int cond : rec.getConditions()) { if ((cond == -1) || qs.isCond(cond)) { pom = rec.getHtml(); break CHECK; } } } } } } else { pom = (npcId + "-" + value); } return "data/html/teleporter/" + pom + ".htm"; } @Override public void showChatWindow(Player player) { // Teleporter isn't on castle ground if (CastleManager.getInstance().getCastle(this) == null) { super.showChatWindow(player); return; } // Teleporter is on castle ground String filename = "data/html/teleporter/castleteleporter-no.htm"; if ((player.getClan() != null) && (getCastle().getOwnerId() == player.getClanId())) // Clan owns castle { filename = getHtmlPath(getId(), 0, player); // Owner message window } else if (getCastle().getSiege().isInProgress()) // Teleporter is busy due siege { filename = "data/html/teleporter/castleteleporter-busy.htm"; // Busy because of siege } sendHtmlMessage(player, filename); } private void sendHtmlMessage(Player player, String filename) { final NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(getObjectId()); html.setFile(player, filename); html.replace("%objectId%", String.valueOf(getObjectId())); html.replace("%npcname%", getName()); player.sendPacket(html); } } xml ->\game\data\stats\npcs\custom\custom.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <list xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../xsd/npcs.xsd"> <npc id="60008" displayId="9000" type="CustomTeleporter" name="Rosalia" usingServerSideName="true" title="Scheme Buffer" usingServerSideTitle="true"> <race>HUMAN</race> <sex>FEMALE</sex> <stats> <vitals hp="2444.46819" hpRegen="7.5" mp="1345.8" mpRegen="2.7" /> <attack physical="688.86373" magical="470.40463" random="30" critical="4" accuracy="95" attackSpeed="253" type="SWORD" range="40" distance="80" width="120" /> <defence physical="295.91597" magical="216.53847" /> <speed> <walk ground="50" /> <run ground="120" /> </speed> </stats> <status attackable="false" /> <collision> <radius normal="11" /> <height normal="22.25" /> </collision> </npc> </list>     html -> \game\data\html\teleporter\60008.htm <html><body>Gatekeeper Clarissa:<br> At the mercy of Gods we, the Gatekeepers, open the doors into outer spaces and teleport everyone to the desired place. Would you like to go somewhere?<br> <Button ALIGN=LEFT ICON="TELEPORT" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_goto 81386 14966 -3472">Teleport</Button> </body></html>     *Disclaimer I just edited onBypassFeedback method the rest code is implemented by NightMarez (mby)
    • ok i will try and let you know!
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