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[Share]The best Botting Areas!

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hm,,, thx for ur suggestio,,

but in that places i have some probblem,, my bot get stuck if go that place...

n i have just build 1 PP.. >.<


Well problem with bot stucking in some place is common and in fact I don't really know how to solve it. If any one could share with us how to overcome it - I'm sure people would be grateful including myself.

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schuggart places, and crypts of disgrace are best spots to bot at low lvl.... noone goes there so u dont get banned =)


and yurislave go spoil in that schuggart areas too, lots of cbp or sop i dont remember

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I knew I had it somewhere ;D, this is list I made while botting my chars ;] simple and clear ;]


40 --> 46 Branded [in initial chambers]

46 --> 52 Worshippers [deeply]

52 --> 55 Apostate [in initial chambers]

55 --> 62 Apostate/Patriots [deeply]

62 --> 66 Devotion [in initial chambers]

66 --> 72 Witches/Devotion [deeply]

72 --> 78 Disciples/FP/DO/Saints


Still try to find chamber where no one would bother you ;)



About trains and train making in cata, it might be interesting to you. SA on spear increases number of mobs being attacked by +4


Some people think that mastery has no influence in case of spear use - they're plain wrong.


No Mastery for spear + spear = 4 mobs

No Mastery for spear + spear + SA = 8 mobs

Lvl 8 Mastery for spear + spear + SA= 13 mobs [f. ex. glad]

L9 Mastery for spear + spear + SA = 18 mobs [dorf/destro/wl]


Hope it will be useful.


Kind regards

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Areas 70+


Forest of Dead - Required good jewels

Silent Valley - Under Giant's Cave and Giant's Cave too

IOP - Isle of Prayer - U need pt with 1 ppl only or need support bot at ur back out of party

If u have bigger pt and atk mobs hit u crits and u die fast as u can. ;D

Varka, Ketra, Hotspring, Catas, Necros and the other ordinary places.


Areas 78+


In Hellbound Isle of course, u need quest to get there, but very very good XP, u need a lot bot, ppl and good equips. U can spoil EWS easily(not in DN :-\) from Chimera of Darkness.


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