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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Hot Mass PvP


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Hot Mass PvP is a new server and i think you can understand what kind of server is from its name 



Farming zones

LvLup zones (1 mob=80LvL) tongue

No Karma Drop

50kk from each PvP

No Bugs

Admin/GM always online willing to help you and answer your questions


Weapon max-->30

Armor max--->35



__Farming Zones__


--Monastery of Silence--

--Primeval Isle--

--Giran Harbor--



__LvL up Zones__


--Hot Springs Region--




server is hosted in germany on high quality machines


The machine


4x quadcore 3.6gh


16 gb ram


4 TB hard disk


1000mbits internet connection


i can guarantee 0%lag,100% no corruption






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Yes,Sure ! Yesterday I Was Dev There ! And For Some Reason The Admin Couldn't Put One Npc In The Database !!!! Also,hgm lolmaster is something like 13-15 years old.Admin Is 15 as he has said it to me ! And They Can't Realise That The Server Needed Wipe Because Of Bugs ( They Used L2JArchid Not Compiled ) and Multiskill and phx !!!!Also,when i wasn't a developer i had +30 weapon and +35 jewels and armors !! And Because They didn't want to take me the skills i had ( lol??? ) they have banned both of my accounts !


One Good Word : The Server Doesn't Have Lag!!(If You Have 56klbps connection this is normal :P )


C Ya Liapis ! Not In This Server That You Want A Gm To Cover Your Server financially(xrimatika) he just have open application for gm if he pays 50 euro /month( WTF?? )


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