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[Guide]Abaddon,Lord of Avernus by Noble :o

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This guide is dedicated @ thechewu who asked the abaddon guide and i m really sorry i delayed this guide for more than a week! ;)



Today i ll introduce you one of the best tanks in Dota Abaddon,Lord of Avernus

A relatively easy hero to play but he has his disadvantages too which we will analyze step by step.



To become imba you need practise

This guide is 100% made by Noble

Give credits to Noble always when you post whole or a part of every guide i post...




Abaddon,Lord of Avernus




A former paladin of great renown, Abaddon fell into darkness during the invasion of the Burning Legion, becoming possessed by many demons, corrupting both his soul and his powers. Now a Death Knight set high in the Lich King's hierarchy of generals, he rides into battle against impossible odds, never stopping until he reaches the World Tree itself. Whether enhancing his own fortitude with a shield of dark energy, or using his life force to aid in combat, the Lord of Avernus leads the armies of the Scourge ever onward, forever locked in combat with the forces of good, and his enemies who were once his greatest comrades.



Starting Stats


Strength - 23 + 2,7(very nice gain)

Agility - 17 + 1,5

Intelligence - 21 + 2,0


Why should i play with LoA?


1)Very nice STR gain

2)The Best tank in game(probably)

3)If played right you are undead ...trully undead!!!

4)Lane controller due to his skills


6)Low ULTI cooldown

7)Good harasser

8)has OWN healing


Why should NOT choose LoA?


1)No disables

2)as every tank , he becomes somewhat useless late game

3)his skills late game except frostmourne and Borrowed Time are almost useless

4)Low AGI gain


Skill Introduction & Explanation



Death Coil(D)


A coil of death that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of his own life.


Level 1 - Heals or Damages for 100 HP. Deals 50 HP to himself

Level 2 - Heals or Damages for 150 HP. Deals 75 HP to himself

Level 3 - Heals or Damages for 200 HP. Deals 100 HP to himself

Level 4 - Heals or Damages for 250 HP. Deals 125 HP to himself


CoolDown: 6 seconds  MP cost:75 at all levels


EXPLANATION:this can be used as mini heal for your allies!no big deal :D

Damage to done to your foes is REDUCED by 20% as this skill is considered magic!DotA heroes have a passive 20% magic reduction ability !

Damage done to YOU is PURE!

This skill can be used to finish of a runner who may try to escape death...also you can finish yourself by suiciding when you have 125 hp or less and your enemies will never receive exp-gold from you !



Aphotic Shield(T)


Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will deal damage equal to the amount it absorbed to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs on cast. Lasts 15 seconds.


Level 1 - 125 damage/100 mana

Level 2 - 175 damage/100 mana

Level 3 - 225 damage/100 mana

Level 4 - 275 damage/100 mana


CoolDown:22 seconds

EXPLANATION: this is your main harassing skill early game which also is a pain in the neck for your foes!It protects you working as a shield which absorbs damage from your enemies and when it explodes it returns the same damage back to your foes (in 300 AoE i think,not quite sure)

Damage done to your enemies is MAGIC so consider their magic reduction

This skill can be used in many ways!


1)On You: Shielding you raises your survaibility and gives you the chance to last hit a creep and so that you can farm easier!

2)On Allied Creeps:when you are low on health and you havent reached 6 lvl in order to use your ulti.it delays your enemies pushing on your lane!actually LoA is strong lane controller so you shouldnt have problems but we just mention it

3)On Allied Heroes:it can be used to save an Ally who has low health and tries to fall back!


PLUS this skill NEGATES most of the DE-buffs on you!(slow,poison etc)

*can NOT be used when you have DooM or BloodRage





Abaddon strickens an enemy with Frostmourne's chilling power on each attack, causing all units who attack the slowed enemy to gain 10% increased movement speed, along with faster attack speed, for a limited time.


Level 1 - 10% increased attack speed, slows enemy by 5%.

Level 2 - 20% increased attack speed, slows enemy by 10%.

Level 3 - 30% increased attack speed, slows enemy by 15%.

Level 4 - 40% increased attack speed, slows enemy by 20%.


EXPLANATION:this passive can slow(MS) enemies on hit and increases your AS



Borrowed Time(B)


When activated, most negative buffs will be removed and you will no longer take damage for the duration of the ability. If the ability is not in cooldown, it will passively activate when your hitpoints drop below 400.


Level 1 - Lasts 3 seconds.

Level 2 - Lasts 4 seconds.

Level 3 - Lasts 5 seconds.


CoolDown:1 minute(60 seconds)

NO Mana Cost


EXPLANATION:this is a GREAT ULTI which cost NO mana and with a very good cooldown capable of using it many times!

The best thing is that this skill can be used either manually either passively when you reach 400hp or less ^^

As long as this skill is active and you receive damage you get your HP replenished thats why you are considered as UNDEAD and BEST tank in game! :)

Borrowed Time removes most negative buffs like stuns, disables, slows and Doom as long it is activated.


*Consider taking a look at Best Allies/Worst Enemies section for more info


Skill Build


Level 1 - Aphotic Shield

Level 2 - Death Coil

Level 3 - Aphotic Shield

Level 4 - Death Coil

Level 5 - Aphotic Shield

Level 6 - Borrowed Time

Level 7 - Aphotic Shield

Level 8 - Death Coil

Level 9 - Death Coil

Level 10 - Frostmourne

Level 11 - Borrowed Time

Level 12 - Frostmourne

Level 13 - Frostmourne

Level 14 - Frostmourne

Level 15 - Stats

Level 16 - Borrowed Time

Level 17-25 - Stats


EXPLANATION: Get Ulti as soon as possible as LoA relies on Ulti especially in team battles!reasons why we learn Death Coil and Shield first are because these 2 are needed for harass early game.Frostmourne can be learned in mid gaming as it is not that needed :-/

Almost every player who respects himself uses this build :) though you can change it anytime you want and make it as you wish. 






Speed  over Treads! Reason why BoTs is because you are pusher,tank etc and you need instant teleports around map!synergizes with your ulti LoL! use borrowed time when try to teleport will heal you and might take you to another spot on the map healed ready for battle!if you get stunned then you have used your ulti wrong :D :D :D


vlads is a must for LS,MP regen,armor . an item needed for every(non-invis) melee hero in order to survive and kill


HP bonus,HP regen + damage since you are STR hero and every STR add gives you damage :) very nice choice


For disabling purposes :-/ you can be a supporter hero too along with tanking


for extra own + allied heal (Supporting)


This item completes you as tank :D armor boost,Stats,AS,reduce of AS on enemies,synergization with Frostmourne,makes you first target (lol) and activates your ulti as you draw all the hits giving your teammates all the precious time they need in order to finish a battle ...thats why you are a very good tank





damage-LS-HoT = kills late game=insane damage :D


Ideal for kills and damage and farming


the ultimate Divine Rapier holder since you die hard


for disabling mp regen


optional with no comments :D just for damages


you are the ultimate GEM carrier since you die hard


instead of guinshoo or euls scepter its a nice choice


very good item.reasons known why we could take it





you have frostmourne


you have frostmourne


cooldowns are LOW you dont need it


completely useless .you gain nothing from it


ehmm no...only void and balanar benefit from this :) you are a tank remember?


doesnt stack with frostmourne


you dont benefit from this item



Best allies





they are capable of cleaving your enemies whilst you draw their attacks




Some extra healing assistance never hurt anyone






Since you are a good pusher the cooperation with other pushers there will be no tower left in short time



Worst Enemies


High Instant Damage(Nukers)




There are many nukers but these guys'ulti can cleave your HP before your ulti can be passively activated so you need some caution before finishing them.they can deal more than 400 dmg borrowed time needs in order to be activated thats why they are special occasions





your best friends are your worst nightmares too :D






*Lucifer's Doom triggers Borrowed time so as you take damage borrowed time heals you

*Strygwyr's Rupture triggers Borrowed Time so as you take damage Borrowed Time heals you

*Pudge's channeling Ulti triggers Borrowed Time and you can still trigger Borrowed Time and get heal

*Rhasta' Mass Serpent Wards trigger Borrowed Time and you get healed as you get hit

*Voljin's Death Ward triggers Borrowed Time and you get healed as you get hit

*Sven's God's Strength deals huge damage so when you use Borrowed time You get healed as long as you get hit









Best Friends-Worst Enemies but also your easy preys if their ulti has been used or you know when to trigger borrowed time and get healed asap :D


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Nice Guide Noble!!!!!!! Another great guide! Good job!!

Noble what are your starting items? I ask becuase i am curius! xD

/offtopic I have dayeld guide to davion and guide to scyllabear!

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:o NobLe RullezZzZ! :o

NobLe your guides is perfect, nice items build, but i preffer radiance instead hex.


Abbadon is an Imba support! You can play him DPS too!


Anyway Thank you a lot NobLe for this guide!

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This hero is not a bad tanker, but i think that its way better as a killing machine with that atk speed and slow.


Indeed... His MS is also high, and I still can't understand why you said S&Y is bad...


I've seen Abaddon with Mask of Madness and MKB, he owned , it's really not that bad when you use Abaddon for DPS


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of course abaddon can be great dps since he dies hard thats why i placed radiance and rapier on the list or satanic!

about SnY, frostmourne doesnt stack with it :) only for stats would you take it?


abaddon is usually played as tank,supporter or dps!all those roles can be played !


@NAB:about mask of madness, this item just makes you more vulnerable whilst frostmourne and(or) assault cuirass make you super fast to the maximum :-/  the option of mkb is good and i suppose he was DPS in that game




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SnY, frostmourne doesnt stack with it :) only for stats would you take it?



Wait wait, how can it not stack? Frostmourne is a buff placer but SnY is an orb. Buff placers and orbs DO stack with each other, 2 buff placers do not stuck and 2 orbs do not stack together...

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i spent a pub trying to share the same opinion you have and we end up that SnY is just useless for the reasons of the other item builds ;) :D its a long story

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