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[WTS/T] ITEMS+20/25 and FA on l2inc

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Okey here is the stuff i want to sell for Euros!

But first of all i provide here the "donation reward list" of the server (which one you receive by asking it to GMs...if you don't belive the prices ask by urself the list to be sure!)




here is the donation list you requested for the L2InC server.


25 Euros : +16 Enchanted Weapon of choice with S/A

50 Euros : +16 Enchanted weapon of choice with S/A and a + 16 armor set of choice.

75 Euros : +25 Enchanted weapon of choice with S/A, +16 armor set of choice and +10 Jewels.

100 Euros : +25 Enchanted weapon of choice with S/A, +16 armor set of choice and +16 Jewels.

125 Euros : +25 Enchanted weapon of choice with S/A,+20 Armor set of choice and +20 RB Jewels + AiO Buffer

Here is the prices if you do not wish to buy a package.

+25 Weapon: 50 Euros

+18 Armor: 35 Euros

+18 Jewel Set: 35 Euros

+20 RB Jewels: 50 Euros

+25 Skills per Class: 25 Euros

+25 Nephilim Lord (Dusk Shield): 15 Euros

AiO Buffer: 25 Euros

Clan lvl10,Full clan Skills lvl3,200k Reputation Points: 25 Euros"



So +25 weapon: 50 euros



I am selling:

-one Icarus spitter +25 focus! (it has also augmentation for p.atk on passive, what makes it better than a +30 one!, offer me here and i might sell the account to leave the aug!)



-Light set :





Upper (Weapon master , jewel pvp):25


-100k FA! What you can trade for a +30 weapon or negociate 2 weapon +25!


-AQ ring+9/Baium+11/antharas+11/Dynasty earring+20/dynasty Necklace+16 (can be sold additionally with the char and a little sup' of euros...little...)





Well let me know if you have any question or offers.

I do use paypal, why? because it's secured, if you pay and you don't get your item, you can report and you will get your money back! (check on paypal website)

please i am serious, only serious bids.



PS: i also wish to trade those items for items or adena in infiteL2! anyone interested , pm!


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