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hellbound [Gracia L2J] - L2 Shadows - 10 000x


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Ofic INFO:

Server Rates


10000x [XP] 10000x [sP] 10000x [Adena] 10x [Drops]


1000x [XP] 1000x [sP] 2000x [Adena] 3x [Drops]


Support - l2.Shadows & CFour

-GM - Shop (Sell everything you need)

-Global Gatekeeper (Teleports you everywhere)

-NPC Buffer (Prophet - Dances - Songs - Chants - Special)

-Auto TvT event system (Prise is 20 Gold bars)

-Enchants up to +50 (safe+50) *(max+60- event)

-Class Changer (In every town)

-3 subclass (Without quest marks)

-Buffs lasts for 4 hours

-Spawn Protection (5 minutes)

-PK Hunters (Protects you in areas that karma isn't allowed)

-Augments (All working)



-Seven Signs


-Farming areas* (2 Pk - 1 non Pk)

-24/7 GM Support (In-game - Out-Game)

-4 custom GM events every day

-C1 till Kamael areas working (Some hellbound too)

-Wedding manager (Located on giran)

-Hellbound Pets

-Anti-Lag system

-Anti-Hacking system


*Farming Areas

L2.Shadows reborn is a PVP-PK server. Although, Pk in Farming Area 1 is prohibited.

If you want to PK go somewhere else or to Farming Area 2 that PK is Allowed.

Server Hardware

1 x SuperMicro Server (dual 3.6 Xeons, 16 GB ram (4x4GB), SCSI Raid 10)

3 x 15k rpm SCSI drives (raid 10)

2 x 10/100 Switches

1x DLI Remote Reboot Unit

Cisco Rackmount AS5800 / 7200 series


Operating System

Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition


Power Suppliers

2 x APC Smart UPS RT 1000XLI-RT 1 KVA

1 x Mustek UPS Powermust 2000VA USB Line Interactive



1x 200Mbps ADSL

2x 100Mbps ADSL

Unlimited Bandwidth



community: cca 250


PS:   8.March 2009...WIPE....The best start for new players

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this is the best noob server of l2 history...OmG man this admin open the server for fun :@ and this man can make a lot of moneys for childrens...



@Sorry For My ENGLISH

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