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[Guide]Rylai the Crystal Maiden by Noble

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an 100% Noble's handmade guide which targets to show you the basics of Rylai Crestfall! if you are going to use this guide whole or partially give the proper credits to Noble


Noble's note:Rylai is fragile like a glass,if played right then you are tough as Titanium!Rylai is the first char is ever played at Dota,if played newbiely then you ll be breaking as glass and your team will be fighting for you too...a good hero for killing sprees ideal for support and backup




Rylai Crestfall,the Crystal Maiden




Adept in the manipulation of frost and ice, Rylai is the very image of elegeance and grace. Trained by a renegade wizard deep in the heart of Winterspring, Rylai brings to the Sentinel her prowess in the arts of magic. With a vast arsenal of spells, she wreaks havoc upon her foes - be it with powerful blasts of frost to send them fleeing in panic, or be it by rendering them immobile in ice. Her foes tremble in fear as the ground beneath implodes in mighty novas of frost in a dazzling array, obliterating all who dare oppose her.



Starting Stats + Gains


Str: 16 + 1.7

Agi: 16 + 1.6

Int: 21 + 2.9


Note:Pure Stat gains on AGI and STR but very good INT gains


Reasons to pick Rylai CM

1)Great passively MP regen without the help of items

2)relatively good killer

3)can synergize with many combinations

4)nice disables

5)Nice ganger


Reasons to leave CM unselected

1)fragile like hell

2)Low stat gains

3)item dependant for survival

4)easily pwned by DPS

5)Low armor

6)Low HP

7)Hard to Play

8)Low starting MS(280)

9)Easily gangable


Skill Introduction and Explanation



Frost Nova (V)


Blasts enemy units around a target enemy unit with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement speed and attack rate for 4 seconds.


Level 1 - 50 target damage and 75 nova damage---->100mp

Level 2 - 100 target damage and 100 nova damage---->130mp

Level 3 - 125 target damage and 125 nova damage---->155mp

Level 4 - 175 target damage and 125 nova damage---->185mp


Cooldown: 11 seconds.



*This is your main skill which is used to harass your opponents especially early game

*This skill is useless late game usable only to finish a runner :)

*Damage is reduced  on heroes because of the 20% passive magic reduction every dota heroes have!

*Damage is amplified as Target + nova damage:example lvl4 is 175target damage & 125 nova damage.its 175+125=300 on creeps , consider 240damage on enemy heroes

*Can slow AS and MS at the same time as effect





Freezes the target in a case of ice, prohibiting movement and attacking. Deals 70 damage per second.


Level 1 - Lasts 1.5 seconds---->115mp

Level 2 - Lasts 2 seconds---->125mp

Level 3 - Lasts 2.5 seconds---->140mp

Level 4 - Lasts 3 seconds---->150mp


Cooldown: 10 seconds.



*A great Disable imo capable of trapping a single enemy in a box of ice giving you the chance to finish him with your allies

*Damage is magical so calculate the passive resistances

*can easily achieve sprees or combine it with ulti to get kills

*you can use this along with Frost Nova in order to harass your enemy and force him to visit Fountain frequently



Brilliance Aura(Passive)


Gives additional mana regeneration to all friendly units.


Level 1 - Adds 0.75 mana regeneration.

Level 2 - Adds 1.5 mana regeneration.

Level 3 - Adds 2.25 mana regeneration.

Level 4 - Adds 3 mana regeneration.



What can we say for this skill? Rootfellen is famous and wanted for his living armor, Rylai is wanted especially amongst INT type heroes as this skill provides mana regeneration per second!this means spam our nukes!nothing more to say lol



Freezing Field(F)


Causes many random icy explosions in an area surrounding Rylai. Enemy units in the Freezing Field are slowed. Lasts 4 seconds.


Level 1 - Each explosion deals 105 damage---->300mp

Level 2 - Each explosion deals 170 damage---->400mp

Level 3 - Each explosion deals 250 damage---->600mp


Cooldown: 150/120/90 seconds.



*Its a Channeling spell

*It deals magic damage so calculate the passive reductions on heroes

*Great for killing/finishing off enemies in team battles!

*Dont use it for useless purposes as its cooldown is relatively high

*Greatly synergizes with Aganhims scepter

*Deals up to 800dmg at lvl3 on heroes(without Aganhims)


Skill Builds


1)Frost Nova

2)Brilliance Aura

3)Frost Nova

4)Frost Bite

5)Frost Nova

6)Freezing field

7)Frost Nova

8)Brilliance Aura


10)Brilliance Aura

11)Friezing Field

12)Brilliance Aura




16)Friezing Field




Explanation Why?


At first its personal choice why i put this build...i remind you that you can change the current build anytime you want!there is no guarantee that what i say fits in your gamestyle!i maximize Frost Nova and Brilliance aura first for spam and harass them on my opponents plus i get Friezing field anytime i can at 6-11-16 lvls where i am able to do so!


Item Build!#1



A Reason is the damage you can deal!


3)Faerie fire(+20%damage)on enemies

4)Mana regeneration +225%

5)Bonus in team battles :)



Good enough for CM as AoE slow can be crucial for team battles and especially for Freezing field




Crystal Maiden without Aganhims Scepter doesnt exist,if exists its probably a noob :D

Ideal For the stats and the improvisation of your Ulti(especially that)

You get animation on your rod too :P




Your Mana Pool affords easily Dagon for extra nukes,along with your disables it can be used greatly to cleave tons of hp from your foe




This is a must imo because your MS is one from the lowest in game(280)! apart from the bonus speed you can get you can also move around map for gangs





Since you are weak and easily killable you might think you should be protected for various reasons which include your survival in team battles,your perfection in acting your ulti without interruption and survive from attacks probably from lina,lion,zeus etc...mostly i take it in order to prevent spells on me when i attempt my ulti :)



Item build #2



Reasons same as above



Same as Above



Same as above



Cooldown of your ulti sucks,our Mana pool affords it so why not replaying with our Ulti? :D



EXTRA Disable +stats



HP,MP,fast revive,exp





For some HP heal if you have problems with hp



For your escape...alternative it can be used to initiate your enemy and along with linken sphere you can start ulti in a team battle your team may be losing and you were not there in time



Did i mention you die easy?



This is a personal choice of me.Super Alternative indeed but yet again i advise you to take it and see the results for yourself.you ll remember Noble



Instead of kelens dagger,reasons remain the same as kelens...kelen is just cheaper


Rejected Items+Explanation Why



Your skills do the same job so dont waste your money on the same things you can ALREADY perform



Your skill can reduce  AS/MS of your foes so dont waste your money on that



Never Ever on Rylai



Skadi is mostly taken when you need to make your enemy slower..you can already do it with your skills sobetter take Linkens



LOL'D hard...



ROFL'D harder than LoL



Simply NO!!!

you ll make your death quicker



ehmmm no.just dont humiliate yourself by doing so :/

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I have seen a rylai with MKB/BDK/AGHAS/SKADI/GUINSO/BOT


And damn was he imba... anyway your guide is not bad tho i would prefer skadi than Linken because it gives a lot of hp/mp.

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Great guide NobLe!


I prefer second item build without Bloodstone, but with lothars...


Lothars - Freezing Field - Refresher Orb - Lothars - Freezing Field... PWNS!

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I have seen a rylai with MKB/BDK/AGHAS/SKADI/GUINSO/BOT


And damn was he imba... anyway your guide is not bad tho i would prefer skadi than Linken because it gives a lot of hp/mp.

since your damage is low mkb will only make you from weak-->medium

as for skadi my opinion is that stats can be taken with linken too...auto slow skadi has is useless imo since you have 3 skills slowing and your mp capable of spamming it countless times



though if you make a build based on your damage only then yes the build you mention could be of some use!but Rylai is a pure finisher not battle initiator

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Nice guide noble! Skill tha are cannneling  if u use this skill and then lothars u will do this skilland u will be also invisible!!!

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I have seen a rylai with MKB/BDK/AGHAS/SKADI/GUINSO/BOT


And damn was he imba... anyway your guide is not bad tho i would prefer skadi than Linken because it gives a lot of hp/mp.

i agree with you...

aLso noble

when i get rylai i dont play the nova but the frostbite for 1st skilll

2nd aura and 3rd the nova...

and then i push up the frostbite and the aura...

the result?

i play the nova only for slow...

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my note mentions that all my builds can change for gameplay issues you prefer


not because i make one build it means that it should be your build too :D maybe i m the only one saying in notes ;)

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I think frost nova deals a 0.01 ministun so it's used to cancel other channeling spells like Sand King's, but I dunno... I know you can do it with lich but I dunno about others...


Btw Noble, if you are still searching about eye of Skadi, here's a quote from Dota-allstars.com :


On melee heroes, Eye of Skadi is an Orb Effect Buff Placer. On ranged heroes, Eye of Skadi is merely a Buff Placer, which means it might stack with some other Orb Effects. The Eye of Skadi will change to its ranged version when a ranged heroe picks it up, and to its melee version when a melee hero picks it up.


That happens because they took the freeze effect from a dragon in WC3 campaign, I think Saphiron, but I'm not sure... And his attack was kind of buggy.

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