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[Share] How to Remove the L2J Credits !

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hehe now u made it more funny by admiting it


I dont Understand your point.

If you like this share, then use it and Stop it Here, If you dont like it, just Stfu and go elsewhere.

Thats my point of view.


If I post something here, that dont mean all will like it.


Have a nice Day, and If you want to continue this discussion by PM's or in Msn, I'll be glad to answer to your questions/doubts.



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People like you GoDofAdeN (you can all those people leechers, brainless, stealz0rs, newbies and so on) shouldnt be download and/or use any L2J emulator

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Forcing people to remove the credits that are just a few lines showing the work of 5 years from expert developers, is really bad and disrespective.

Locked, since there's no point in doing that.


PS: I think that there's a configuration now, about removing it.

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