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[Guide] Gondar, the Bounty Hunter

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Gondar is a Draenei that is often called upon for his superior skills. Not much is known about his past, but his capabilities are extraordinary. Some believe he learned from a ninja clan while others say he was born with his amazing abilities. He is able to throw shurikens with extreme accuracy and has the strength to strike down any foe with his two swift blades. His agility is matched by none, and his stealth is inferior only to few. He is interested in the conflict for money alone, and is promised a large reward.




Gondar is an amazing hero killer, one of the best PvPers in DotA, and he is pure win when used properly.


Spells :



Shuriken Toss


The Bounty Hunter throws a shuriken at a target unit, dealing damage.


Level 1 - 100 damage.

Level 2 - 200 damage.

Level 3 - 250 damage.

Level 4 - 325 damage.


Cooldown: 10 seconds.


Level 1: 90 mana, 10 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 115 mana, 10 sec cooldown.

Level 3: 135 mana, 10 sec cooldown.

Level 4: 155 mana, 10 sec cooldown.


NAB's comment : Crazy, Crazy damage, really low cooldown, and the mana cost is not that bad. Don't use it for harassing cause your mana pool is not that good, but I'd use it to finish enemies off. ATTENTION : It causes a ministun, so it can be used to cancel Crixalis ulti for example, or teleports.






Gives a % chance to evade attacks and 15% chance to deal extra damage.


Level 1 - 5% dodge, 1.25 critical multiplier.

Level 2 - 10% dodge, 1.5 critical multiplier.

Level 3 - 15% dodge, 1.75 critical multiplier.

Level 4 - 20% dodge, 2 critical multiplier.




NAB's comment : That's your only passive spell, I max it last cause it's not reliable for last hitting and you'll probably need it when your damage is high enough.




Wind Walk


Turns invisible for a period of time. Deals bonus backstab damage. Transition time decreases per level.


Level 1 - 30 backstab damage, lasts 15 seconds.

Level 2 - 60 backstab damage, lasts 20 seconds.

Level 3 - 90 backstab damage, lasts 25 seconds.

Level 4 - 120 backstab damage, lasts 30 seconds.


Cooldown: 15


Level 1: 50 mana, 15 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 50 mana, 15 sec cooldown.

Level 3: 50 mana, 15 sec cooldown.

Level 4: 50 mana, 15 sec cooldown.


NAB's Comment : Don't underestimate the damage this spell deals at all. It's really really useful and you should not waste it. The mana cost is really small so you can spam it, you can also stay invisible permanently cause the duration is longer than the cooldown. It's your escape mechanism and also your gang initiator.






Tracks an enemy hero for 30 seconds or until it dies. Allied units near the tracked target gain 20% movement speed increase. If the target dies, Bounty Hunter gets bonus gold.

Level 1 - 75 bonus gold, reduces target's armor by 1.

Level 2 - 150 extra gold, reduces target's armor by 3.

Level 3 - 225 extra gold, reduces target's armor by 5.


Cooldown: 10/7/5

Manacost: 70/60/50


Level 1: 70 mana, 10 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 60 mana, 7 sec cooldown.

Level 3: 50 mana, 5 sec cooldown.


NAB's Comment : I love this spell. Not only it makes you reach 522 movement speed and makes killing easy as hell, but also it's your way to earn double money after you kill someone. Also, when an enemy is about to die, and you don't want to KS to avoid the team QQing, just track him! You'll earn your gold , you'll aid your teammate finish him off AND they won't tell you anything :D



Skill Build :


1. Windwalk

2. Shuriken Toss

3. Windwalk

4. Shuriken Toss

5. Windwalk

6. Track

7. Windwalk

8. Shuriken Toss

9. Jinada

10. Shuriken Toss

11. Track

12. Jinada

13. Jinada

14. Jinada

15. Stats

16. Track

17. Stats

18. Stats

19. Stats

20. Stats

21. Stats

22. Stats

23. Stats

24. Stats

25. Stats


We max Wind Walk early for the extra 120, and we upgrade Shuriken Toss as soon as possible. Jinada is the last one. At 6, 11, 16 we get our ulti altho many people prefer getting track at 10. But I disagree. Early Track = Early Money = Early Domination.


Item Build:


BUILD #1 The S&Y build.








Crazy build, Maximum MS, Extreme damage , and lifesteal. That's the build I use. I'd try to buy Boots of Speed and then make Vladimir's cause you'll need to spam your spells.



BUILD #2 The Desolator Build








Another good build, desolator, combined with Track , can ruin enemy's armor, the damage is insane and it doesn't cost much compared to S&Y build.


BUILD #3 The Battle Fury Build








I rarely use  this build, it's based on hardcore farming and exreme lifesteal but it is really expensive and you'll never reach Satanic cause the game 'll be over.




ITEMS you should not use.


blademail.gif You are not the tank

craniumbasher.gif They do not stack now and your AS is not that good.

lotharsedge.gif You already have WW.

burizadokyanon.gif It's not that bad but your crit is enough , this is also expensive.

arcanering.gifVlad's is enough

guinsoosscytheofvyse.gif It helps killing but better let someone else carry it.

armletofmordiggian.gif Nah better leave this for other heroes like  Leoric, your hp are not enough

maskofmadness.gif You are already fast enough, better get Vlad's.

mantastyle.gif Nah....not for you, leave it for the illusion makers and other heroes with great AS.

eyeofskadi.gif Why waste your orb slot for something you don't need, just track doh.


Item's like Agahnim's or Dagon are obvious...


Items you could consider :


heartoftarrasque.gif Boosts your small hp pool.

radiance.gif It deals crazy damage but you are in danger if they have dust

assaultcuirass.gif Great AS, but it'll make you their first target and it costs a lot.


Defiance and Linken's when facing nukers are also a good choice.





Stunners like Venge, Earthshaker, Tiny, Lina, Slardar, Anub' Arak, Lion,Nessaj, Magnataur, Rhasta are really helpful when it comes to killing

You should also have a Tank in your team like Axe , Centaur or Lycan cause you'll need them, you are fragile



Heroes like Slardar, Strygwyr are really dangerous cause they can spot you.

Axe is really dangerous early so you should watch out.

Centaur is a hardcore stunner so take care, you should also watch out for other stunners like Vengeful and Earthshaker


Last but not least , Leshrac.

WTF? Leshrac? That's an int hero, he is poo. Indeed, during late game he sucks, but early his damage is superior compared to yours, he can own when you don't expect it , so take care. When low hp, try to run to a weird direction or else he'll follow you with his ulti and finish you off.




Why should I choose Gondar?

-PvP hero, hardcore killer

-His texture is almost unclickable

-Really fast

-Money money money, great money maker and farmer, through killing ofcourse

-Escape Mechanism, Gang initiator.

-Extreme damage from his spells early


Why shouldn't I choose Gondar?

-Low mana pool

-Low hp pool

-No real stun, just a ministun

-No slow

-You don't have a reliable nuke

-Kind of Fragile early



Shuriken [T]  <--You need to shuriken fast to block enemies' ultimates and teleports.

Windwalk [W] <--To save yourself when about to die.

Track [R]      <--DON'T PUT IT ON AUTOCAST. Use it by yourself if you want to use it properly.




Credits to : NotAbastard, dota-allstars.com, getdota.com, dotastrategy.com, xKenji

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Great guide!!!!!!! Gondar with manta is imba believe me!! I dont understand the credits!


Diffusal Blade is good indeed, but after you run out of charges it's not that useful. I prefer S&Y for the maim and the MS provided.


Credits eh?

-dota-allstars.com <- I get my spell info from there, I cant remember it by heart :P

-getdota.com        <-That's where we download Dota, it deserves credits don't you think?

-xKenji                  <-He's helped me test builds in the past , that's why I am able to create the guide now

-NotAbastard          <- Screw this guy

-dotastrategy.com   <-I get my item images from there , and also there are many builds there you should consider


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I sugest u  http://www.dota-allstars.com/wiki/DAWiki:Main_Page do allstars wiki and for item image : http://www.dota-allstars.com/items !


i think the creator of any guide can manage to add his own credits without being told what to do ;)


Great Job Furgy :P


i prefer the S&y build as the strength it gives is needed :P


BTW added to the list :)

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Diffusal Blade is good indeed, but after you run out of charges it's not that useful. I prefer S&Y for the maim and the MS provided.

yeah that's true....

gondar is imba but sometimes he want  HP and move speed...

also the maim is imba because if he spell track and he has S&Y the enemy cannot go out... :P

Gr8 guide mate :D

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The basic item for Gondar i think it is S&J but and Battlefury maximazises his critical..

@notabastard why you use 5 slots in each built??I think add on 1 and 2 built Battlefury

and on third built add Butterfly.!

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i will only disagree with vlads!!! wind walkers(invisible) must NOT be getting vlads as devotion aura betrays their current position


thats a rule

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Noble in the new dota i think that when are u invisible creeps dont have devosion aura in new dota!


I confirmed it...On oldest version the aura was on creeps but now when you are invsible no aura on creeps..

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I confirmed it...On oldest version the aura was on creeps but now when you are invsible no aura on creeps..


Aye, that's why I get it. Rob can also be changed to self-only to avoid the aura.


@Lazik 's 1st post


The last item is your choice matey, but my builds are really expensive, 80% of the games won't reach the 6th items...

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Your thought is good but you ever know what will happened.I think that it is better to write 6 because many guys maybe play on Single player (-test mode) to learn playing and that will help them..

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