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[Guide] how to run more than one server on cs1.6


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Hi all so this guide about making counter-strike 1.6 server in other, it's also useful because with delicate server you can run only 1server so if you would use this you could run 2 servers at the time :)

I'll divide every move in steps so lets begin  ;)

arh yeah before you begin download this : http://www.mediafire.com/?hzwdqjudt0y


1 | so when you download the file above, extract it in the new folder

2 | then you have to edit some files

3 | then open file named server.cfg and edit stats


4 | then select all the files and put them in your counter strike folder(where it's installed) in my case its D:\Games\Valve

so now you can control your server through the console which showed up


That's about it :) I hope i helped someone :>


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with delicate server you can run only 1server

you can make as many as you want with dedi server, i had surf and zm servers launch 1 dedi server, and then other but change the port on 2nd server, thats all

ill make screenshots when i come home

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