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interlude [Interlude L2Off] L2Olympia


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L2Olympia! Playground of the Gods!!.


Feel Ancient Powers thunder through your veins! Forsake Road Rage and embrace the Rage of Pa'agrio! Polish your sword!! Rejuvenate your staff!! Fletch your arrows and Don your armor!! Join the warriors and magi who battle with and against one another for Glory!!


L2Olympia is a world apart. Leave the ordinary behind and step into a place where your fantasies can become your realities. Where villains lurk in shadows and dragons cower in their lairs. A place where YOU choose your destiny.


Interlude since August, 2008, L2Olympia is a privately owned, fully customized world where you can play for FREE. A complete departure from the thrum of the ordinary, boring routine.


Join us today!!




L2Olympia Features:


* 10x Rates on a Stable and Lag-Free Server with 100% Uptime

* Dual-Boxing allowed!

* Itchy and Scratchy Custom GM Shops

* All profession quests working

* 1st and 2nd profession marks in GM Shop

* All Top D and C Grade equipment in GM Shop

* Totally Customized Luxury Shop

* Weapon Augmentation

* Subclass Quest; Noblesse Quest; Olympiad All Working

* Fully Functional Seven Signs Quest

* Pets!!

* Craftable Custom Epic Dark Knight Armor and Weapons

* Craftable Custom Mordor Weapons

* Craftable Custom Wings, with skills

* Clans through Level 9

* Academies, Skills and Reputation Points

* Clan wars, PvP and PK *encouraged*

* Raid Bosses Working

* All Sieges Working!

* Mature, Active GameMaster Staff

* International Community

* Imaginative and Fun Daily Events!! Special Feature Events!!

* Olympic theme with unique currency: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals!

* Duel System Working

* Weddings

* Coming soon.... TvT


Come Check Us Out!!!


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