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More than 3 windows..


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How can i open more than 3 lineage windows with 1024 Ram??

I tried to open more than 3 and i got critical erros.

If anyone know the answer to my problem post it here...!!!

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try to use as low details as you can : 16bit, npc limit - low and etc. also run them all in windowed mode- as small as you can try to use small resolution..

max i made 8 on interlude with 2048 ram

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kamael/hellbound/Gracia client is really heavy for pcs with 1024, but yes, make 800*600 16 bit, window mode, all in low, no textures


with c4 or interlude its easy

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ah ye turn off any programs you have using that uses your memory or internet acess

and turn of the explorer.exe

press alt+ctrl+del and then when the window shows up look for explorer.exe when you see it press on it and press end process or delete, aftewards enter or yes. then press file - > new task or window key + R, then press browse and link it to your l2.exe it gives you extra 5/15% of your PC(ram,processor usage). I hope i helped you if yes plz let my know :)

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