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Note: Population, Realm Type, Realm Population, and Class may affect usefullness of some locations.




05-10 (Alliance) Goldshire, Farms south of town -- Boars

09-12 (Horde) Tristfal Glades, Scarlet Tower(54,68) -- Scarlet Humanoids

10-16 (Alliance) Loch Modan, Thelsamar(33,39) -- Boars, Bears and Spiders

12-15 (Horde) Outside X-Roads -- ??

15-20 (Horde) South of Stagnant Oasis near Raptor's nest -- Raptors?

18-22 (Horde) The Barrens, Camp Taurajo -- Bristlebacks

18-22 (Alliance) Westfall, SouthWest Coast(25,62) -- Shore Crawlers

22-26 (Horde) Barrens, Razofen Kraul -- Razormanes

22-29 (Alliance/Horde) Hillbrad Foothills -- Bears, Spiders, Lions

23-28 (Alliance) Duskwood, West of Town -- Ravagers

23-28 (Alliance) Ashenvale, East Astranaar(48,54) -- Shadowhorn Stag

28-34 (Aliiance/Horde) Hillsbrad Foothills, River Area -- Snapjaw Turtles

29-37 (Alliance/Horde) Dalaran Ruins/Loramere Lake -- Turtles

37-42 (Alliance/Horde) Theramore -- Turtles(camped by alliance)

44-50 (Alliance/Horde) Tanaris, Steamweedle Port -- Steeljaw Snappers

48-51 (Alliance/Horde) Revantusk Village -- Turtles

51-54 (Alliance/Horde) Azshara -- Legashi Satyr

54-60 (Alliance/Horde) Winterspring -- Ghosts




Personal Reviews


Rating System

1/5 -- I wouldn't use this spot, in fact I probably didn't after I tried it out and came to this conclusion

2/5 -- Usable but possibly too populated (I play a pvp server)

3/5 -- Probably either decent loot or decent xp, but not both.

4/5 -- Decent loot and decent xp, not a popular spot, and not too many PKs

5/5 -- Loot and/or XP are great, no PKs, rarely PCs at all. If you can use this spot, do it!


05-10 (Alliance) Goldshire, Farms south of town -- Boars

This spot worked well for its level. The boars spawn over a large area, however there are generally quite a few of them at an area at a time. It did not take me long to do 5-10 using this spot. Yes I am lazy enough to bot 5-10, in fact I botted 1-5 too so eat my butt.


This spot servers its purpose, however there are probably better spots [and better methods i.e. not botting 5-10], so I give this spot a 4/5.


10-16 (Alliance) Loch Modan, Thelsamar(33,39) -- Boars, Bears and Spiders

This is an excellent spot, it took me from 10 to 16 in just a few short hours. Nothing spectacular for loot, but it is a low level spot. Great for it's purpose.


This spot serves its purpose, I give it a 4/5!


18-22 (Alliance) Westfall, SouthWest Coast(25,62) -- Shore Crawlers


I did ~12k/hr till 18, then up to 14-15k/hr... at 20 I peaked at 16-17k/hr, now at 22 I am still doing about 14-15k/hr


This spot is GREAT! I died a good bit from 16-18 'cause of Old Murk-Eye, but thet XP/HR I said includes the deaths, as well, after 18 he is cake, just 16-17 are hard because he is 20.


The spot is also good for money. Each time I sell I get ~1.2 Gold, not bad for level 16-22ish. This is with 72 total slots, and about 20-22 taken for my other items, so about 50 slots to sell with. Decent bank. As well as a ton and a half of greens to disenchant/sell (I send mine to a friend, so those are not included in the money/hr). Also, I don't have poisons yet, so this spot would be even better if I did, I am sure.


This spot is the best I have seen, it far surpasses the expectations for the level, without allowing it to curve the scale for any other ratings, I give this a 5/5, simply because it is the highest rating!


22-29 (Alliance/Horde) Hillbrad Foothills -- Bears, Spiders, Lions


As an alliance member, this spot was overly camped and unusable for me. I would get 3-4 kills, then be PK'd. This was tried over 3 days at different times of day each time, always with the same results. On a PvE server this spot would be good, but on a PvP server it just isn't happening.


I give this spot a 2/5.


23-28 (Alliance) Ashenvale, East Astranaar(48,54) -- Shadowhorn Stag


This spot was, well, horrible. For me, at least, I was unable to find a spot where they are all close together, or an area with a good enough spawn. The only good aspect was Skinning everything, heh. I may have been at the wrong spot, but Im not sure.


The spots I tried all seemed to give a decent bit of loot and skinning, but I was not overly impressed, as I said I could have had the wrong spot though, so I give this a 1/5.


23-28 (Alliance) Duskwood, West of Town -- Ravagers


Despite my failed attempts with Assenvale, the Ravagers worked out well. They are GREAT for skinning, -TONS- of leather. As well, there are 3 chests in the area, so tons of potions and some ore. I have found 2 blue items from 23-27 here, tons of greens. Also, they drop an item that stacks in 5's and sells for 6s each! On top of this, they spawn tightly, but not too tightly, and there are quite a few of them. This spot nets me ~12-14k/hr overall. Great spot.


This spot, while nothing spectacular like the Crawlers, is great. Good loot, good XP, three chests, not popular... overall I give it a 4/5

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You know you still need money. It can be used to farm materials also. Like Mining, Herbalism stuff.

not really , JC+mining untill lvl 80 and you're done , started in a x3 server and got 40k atm

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    • totally agree, the problem started with professionals who made easy to open a server, specially interlude has been abused unstoppably since you can open a server with few clicks now days making fewer players for many servers, while back in time when "compile" was a secret and opening a server was going max players but true things are changing and this has become a job but dont lie everyone knows what is going on, lying is showing desperation, better go and work. i've worked with lots of people with kids that invest huge amounts of money into this and fail while they needed the money its an addiction.
    • well,we all know that everyone is doing it for money. And it's acceptable since you put much more effort than the usual admins. If you're proffesional on l2 servers,i don't find a reason to not see it as a job. Ofc it's job,but all jobs has their own prides. I'll talk about me,i'm a guy that working 10 +/- hours per day. I have 2-3 free hours on my daily activity and sometimes i enjoy playing Lineage because nostalgia hits me everyday. If you are many years on scene,u'll understand that lineage will never be the same like old days. Days that we was gathering at internet cafes,and the battle was daily. Anyway, some people perfer to pay big clans and provide them black market with special prices and benefits that a casual player wont have. Also big clans means big wars,so server will have population even if you have zero quality. And there is some projects that wont pay those d1ckheads,so they wont join them and project need to find other ways to increase the population. So,i'm a player that i'll donate 20-40-50 euros on every server i play,and usually i'm getting "scammed" since they re-open their server every 2 months. And the problem is that,i personally don't mind to donate few money every 2 months for my joy,but the majority of owners has zero knowledge about L2 gaming. That's why they can't fix a sh1t,and when the problems pile up,they slowly close the server and starting advertising for another one. Actually,on high rate scene mostly,is the same guy that doing it everytime. He opens his project for 1-2 months,he close it and before he shut down the server,he has already started the advertising on his next server with different name. It's just crazy and that part shouldn't be acceptable. So yes,i perfer to support a project with honest admin team,and somewhere they have the knowledge to implent things. Business is business,but at least as community,we should enjoy our game that we love, cheers. 
    • thanks for sharing !! any guide to install this? it would be great!!
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