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[L2j] UtopiE - L][ PvP Server 5000x Gracia CT 2


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General Informations :


- Gracica Part 2

- 5000 XP / 9000x Adena

- GmShop

- Buffer ( 5hourBuffs )

- Auto TvT

- Castle Sieges

- Custom Farming Zone

- S80 Weapons / Armor

- Golb Bar System

- Instant Noblesse Quest

- 25 Buff Slots + 12 Dance Slots

- and much more Join now for the ultimate PvP action


Where are the Customs Npc´s located ?

GM SHOP Buffer are located in Giran

Also a Class Changer ( Roayal the Cat ) is located there.

The Gatekeepers are in all starting towns.

Infos about Farming Zone :

In the Farming Zone you can find the npc´s which drop "Gold Bar`s" and "Angelic Essence`s" which you need

to buy S80 Weapons / Armor and Enchant Scrolls.

In this zone you can find a Gm shop / Buffer and Gatekeeper




How to Connect


Follow the following steps and you will be able to connect to the server:


1. Download the official Lineage 2 CT 2 Gracia Client :

--> http://www.gamershell.com/download_35212.shtml

2. Install the game and update the Client fully.

3. Change the host file , you can it normally here :

--> C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

Open the host file with your notepad , delete the whole text and copy paste these lines :

 localhost   nprotect.lineage2.com l2authd.lineage2.com l2testauthd.lineage2.com



4. You are done ;-) . Now just start the game with the exe in your Lineage "

System folder --> L2.exe and type in a Name and a password your account

will be created automatically :-)


Website : http://www.utopie-l2.tk/

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