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[Share]CD Fake 4.31.0


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CD Fake 4.31.0


CD Fake for CS 1.6 Non-Steam [ Maybe works on Source,CZ or steam - Dont know ]


Simple cheating program




- Wall hack - [blue squares = CT Team --- Red squares = T Team --- Blue lines = sight{Crosshair} of CT Team --- Red lines = sight{Crosshair} of T Team]

- Aim hack - [ When shooting program automatic target head of opponent/enemy ]






Menu: Insert

Activate cheat: F12

Wallhack: wall 1/2/3/4

Aimbot: bot 1 or 0

Esp: esp 1 or 0




Note: ->4shared will say this is virus like your anti-virus [Avast,AVG...] but dont mind cause its not.

->Make sure you add it on exceptions list in your firewall and anti-virus or just turn them off when u want to run this program.

->In case u dont add it or u dont turn off your Firewall and Anti-virus the anti-virus or firewall will automaticly delete it!



-->Download CD Fake 4.31.0




If program [ Topic ] is already posted then i missed it on search,sorry!   -/delete



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