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    • SIte: http://la2lords.ru/
      Forum: http://forum.la2lords.ru/
      Grand Opening: January 25 at 20:00 (+3 GMT)

      MultiSkill (MultiProff) is not a standard system of character development. Now, each player can learn skills of any profession for SP. Every character can combine a warrior, mage or buffer on our server. You no longer need to open multiple windows and develop several characters – play for fun!


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      Exp: x25
      Sp: x1.25
      Drop: x10
      Spoil: x9
      Adena: x4
      Seal Stone: x7
      Quest: х2-5
      Quest Reward (Exp/SP): х4
      Raid Boss: х1 (exp and sp x0.5)
      Epic Boss: х1 


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      Buff Time: 60 min
      Buff Slots - 50 +30
      Block Buff - a special skills which not allows to buff your characters
      NPC buffer - the basic buffs

      Sub-class and Nobless

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      Disabled quest to sub-class and Nobless
      Sub-class number: 3
      Simplified quest to Nobless. In the group (from 2-or more players need to kill Barakiel being on a sub-class, and be at least level 76)


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      Skills are auto learning
      Skills from other classes are learnig in the Giran Trade zone by Adele. More Info
      In order to learn a skill you not need a skill book
      Skills are adapted to MultiSkill
      New skills, buffs from a higher chronicles
      Not a standart way to enchant the skills - More info
      Attention! Skills SpellCraft and Magician's Movement decrease the attack speed while wearing light and heavy armors. Warriors do not need to learn this skills
      More info about changed skills


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      Full D-grade in weapon stone in Giran (adena)
      Full C and B-grade in Luxor (buy for D-C-B cry)
      Alt + B is available a small shop (consumables \ exchanger, etc.)

      Enchants and Augmentations 

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      Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants.
      Safe enchant +3 (full body armor +4)
      Max enchant +20
      Normal scroll chance - 60%
      Bless scroll chance - 75%
      Chanse to get a skill : TOP 10% / High 8% / Mid 6% / NG 4%
      Modified augmentation system - more

      Raid Boss 

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      Removed A and S grade fullbody drop frm Raids
      Flame of Splendor Barakiel (80 lvl) - 4-7h
      Alliance RB - 5-8h
      Other RB - от 2-4h
      To all RB added drop scroll (both conventional and BLESS, on your level)
      Removed drop penalty from RB (3 and more levels)
      Increased RB power

      Grand Boss 

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      Queen Ant: 20h +/-2h
      Core: 20h +/-2h
      Orfen: 20h +/-2h
      Zaken: 24h +/-2h
      Baium: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 21:00 +3 GMT. Sleep time - 30m.
      Antharas: Every Tuesday and Saturday at 21:00 +3 GMT. Sleep time - 60m. Out time - 10m.
      Valakas: Every Thursday and Sunday at 21:00 +3 GMT. Sleep time - 60m. Out time - 10m.
      Frintezza: 36h. 35m instant.
      Increased Grand’s RB power
      Removed A and S grade fullbody drop frm Raids
      Removed drop penalty from Grand RBs (3 and more levels)


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      Olympiad start since the G.O
      Olympiad period – 1 week
      Heroes – every monday
      Olympiad time: every day 18:00 – 00.00 GMT +3
      7 Noblees required to start matches in non-class based games
      Class battles are disabled.
      In order to receive Hero and tokens 5 matches required


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      When creating any clan already has 5 level
      Penalty output \ exception of the clan - 6h.
      Сlan wars is available from 5 people in the clan
      All clan members receive all the clan skills (regardless of the rank)
      To improve Clan changed the number of players: 5 players
      The maximum number of academicians in the clan increased to 40 people
      The maximum number of clans in an alliance 1 clan


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      Full Dynasty craft (Weapons / armor / jewels)
      Dynasy is a bit boosted then S brade


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      Tattoos craftable
      Tattoos incease stats by 30%

      Amulet and Accessories 

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      There is an improvement in accessories. Improvements give HP\MP\CP\Protection in pvp. Learn More
      There are amulets. Give HP\CP\MP\protection in pvp. Learn More

      Seven Sings and Siege 

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      Catacombs and Necropolis working 24/7. No level penalty to enter
      Teleport to the Catacombs and Necropolis are all GC.
      Mammon available in Giran
      Siege period – 1 week
      - Giran and Rune, Every Sunday. Siege start at 21:00 GMT +3. Siege time - 2 h.
      - Goddard and Aden, Every Saturday. Siege start at 21:00 GMT +3. Siege time - 2 h


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      Currency: (Adena & Ancient Adena) and:
       Festival Adena - Dropable from 76+ mobs in TOP locations (Varka, Ketra, FOG, MOS, IT, PI), also droppable from RBs
       Fang - Drop from all RB. We need to create a tattoo.
       Epic Fang - Drop from all Epic RB. We need to upgrade epic accessory.
       Accessories Fang - Drop from Pagan. We need to upgrade accessories.
       UnHoly Crystal - Dropable in Imperial Tomb. Also droppable from Halisha. Need from Dynasty craft
       Fire Crystal - Drop in Forge of the Gods. Also drop from Ember. Need from Dynasty craft
       Holy Crystal - Drop in в Monastery of Silence (second floor). Also drop from Anays. Need from Dynasty craft.
      Eath Crystal - Drop in Varka Silenos Outpost. Also drop from Ketra's Hero Hekaton, Ketra's Commander Tayr and Ketra's Chief Brakki. Need from Dynasty craft.
       Water Crystal - Drop in Ketra Orc Outpost. Also drop from РБ Varka's Hero Shadith, Varka's Commander Mos and Varka's Chief Horus. Need from Dynasty craft.
      Wind Crystal - Drop in PI. Also droppable from Uruka and Sailren. Need from Dynasty craft
       Blue Stone - Drop in RIft (all lvl). Needed to improve the Amulet.
       Aqua Stone - Drop in RIft (all lvl). Needed to improve the Amulet.
       Red Stone - Drop in RIft (all lvl). Needed to improve the Amulet.
       Purple Stone - Drop in RIft (all lvl). Needed to improve the Amulet.
       Black Stone - Drop in RIft (all lvl). Needed to improve the Amulet.


      Hide contents
      Increased mobs power
      "/unstuck" - 20 seconds
      Characters start in low equipment
      Inventory, WH, clan WH limit is 200
      offline command by .offline
      PvP damage decreased.
      Champion mobs x10(blue) and x25(red)
      If you stop exp (.menu) your character will get SP. EXP will goes max to the 99.99%
    • I showed you how to remove this extra : you wanted  , change it to your need's.
    • Oh, bit**, please. Just login and and look at it...
    • Every gamer has his ideal lineup in fifa 19, what's yours? In my opinion, I think this lineup is a cost-effective lineup, so you can buy cheap but  high quality players.  Goal Keeper (GK):Federico Marchetti (Ps4 450 coins) Centre Back (CB):Javier Garcia (Ps4 500 coins) Centre Back (CB):Laurent Koscielny (Ps4 800 coins) Left Back (LB): Ricardo.Rodriguez (Ps4 900 coins) Right Back (RB):Pablo Zabaleta (Ps4 1.7K coins) You can learn more position players from this guide.  Of course, welcome to share your ideal lineup here. 
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