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Furia Cheats - Apex Legends 50$/month (aim, trigger, esp)

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. 


Game has Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) and server-side aimbot checks.


Cheat bypasses the EAC and has not yet been detected.



Aimbot (nearest) - automatic aiming at the enemy model, aiming at the nearest hitbox to the sight

  • Aiming through walls
  • Recoil compensation
  • FOV static, dynamic (based on distance)
  • Target priority (FOV, Health, Distance)
  • Lock target
  • Smooth - additional smoothing of aiming
  • Angle limit (mouse delta limit) - mouse rotation limitation (emulation)
  • Player prediction, trajectory prediction

Triggerbot - automatic firing when aiming at the enemy model (hitboxes)

  • Hitboxes selection
  • Hitboxes scale - for accuracy correction


  • Player boxes 
  • Player names
  • Player health/shield bar
  • Distance to player in meters 
  • Players range max - limiting rendering distance
  • Item names, filter, range max - names of items (loot), limiting rendering distance
  • Radar
  • Spectator count 


Support: Windows 10, 11

Support CPU: AMD and Intel


* Streamproof cheats are cheats that are designed to be undetectable by streaming software such as OBS. This means that if you are using a streamproof cheat, your viewers will not be able to see any indication that you are cheating while you are streaming. Streamproof cheats are becoming more popular as more people start streaming their gameplay online.

* After the purchase you are authorized with the key in the loader. The first authorization will bind the computer to this key and therefore it will not be possible to authorize from other computers later.



Discord: xvidis
Telegram: @xvidis



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