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Help Has s1mple surpassed device as the most consistent player ev


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Device is famous for having the 6 years streak where he placed at least top5 in HLTV's yearly rankings.

Which are the following:

2015 - top3 / 2016 - top5 / 2017 - top3 / 2018 - top2 / 2019 - top3 / 2020 - top3

At the moment, s1mple is about to have a 5 years streak but with better placings (considering the first half of the 2020 season)

2018 - top1 / 2019 - top2 / 2020 - top2 / 2021 - top1 / 2022 - top1 (so far)

Also, if we add 2016, he was top4 (which adds for 6 years), and according to some analysts, he was a top5 player in 2017 as well (which extends to 7 years with overall better placings)

Device does have a placing in 2014 (top20), but he fell off in 2021 outside of the top10, and obviously, he is not going to make it in 2022.


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