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hellbound [Gracia T2 L2J] L2-Lost-Paradise


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    #Server Features

-Experience:50 -Skill Points:50

-Adena Drop Rate:200

-Item Drop:30



-Safe enchant:+5

-Max Enchant:+30

-Enchant Rate:55%

-Blessed Scrolls Rate:100%

-Auto learn skills

-Class Changer

-Wedding System 100% working

-Castles/Dungeons/Fortresses Sieges 100% Working

-Hero/Nobless System 100% Working

-Clan Hall System Working

-Walker Pets 100% Working

-Walker Raid Bosses 100% Working

-No Grade Penalty

-No weight limit

-Augmentation System:

Lifestones level 76 skills working 100%

Lifestones level 80 skills working 95%


-Buffs/Chants/Dances/Songs lasts 8h

-C4/C5/Interlude/Kamael/Hellbound skills working 100%

-Gracia Skills 97% Working

-Talismans 100% Working

-Bracelets 100% Working

-C4/C5/Interlude/Kamael/Hellbound/Gracia Locations 100% Working

-Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah 100% Working

-Raid Bosses Respawned Daily

-Worldwide Luxury Gatekeeper

-Full GM-Shop

-NPC Buffer, with Full Buffs, Dances, Songs,Chants and Summons

-Gold Bar System


#Server's site

www.l2lost-paradise.gr Join Us NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#Server's  Staff



Forum Administrator:Hades

Forum Administrator:Madeus

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