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interlude [L2J] L2 REUNION


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Discord server: https://discord.gg/UNyR7xq5cg

WebSite: https://l2reunion.net/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Reunionl2

Features L2 Reunion

-Exp/Sp 4x
-Adena 4x
-Drop 4x
-Spoil 2x
-SealStones 4x
-QuestReward 1x
-QuestDrop 3x
-RaidDrop 2x
-EpicDrop 1x
-Epic Jewels 100%

Enchant Rates

-Safe Enchant +3
-Max Enchant +16
-Simple Scrolls 50%
-Blessed Scrolls 66%
-Chance decrease after +8

Olympiad Match

-Everyday: Start 18.00 End 00.00 UTC+1
-Anti Feed Protection
-5 non-Class Partecipation
-Class Base Partecipation (Disabled)
-1 Character per PC
-All item count max as +6

Custom Currency

-100 BitCoin (per HWID) every 30 min Online (no Reward after 3h inactive)
-Donation Coin (Reunion Coin)
-1 Euro = 100 Reunion Coin

Epic/Boss & Quest

-Flag Area
-Class Transfer (Quest or BitCoin)
-Subclass Quest without Baium
-Nobless Quest Retail

Max 3 Box

Farm Assistant
-Auto Farm
-Self buff and Party buff or Heal (only for PvE)
-Party Assist
-Manor Seed
-Lock Areas
-Avoid Chest already Enabled
-Safe Area
-Autopotion (with own delay)

Community Board

-RaidBoss info
-Players/Clan Rankings

-Class Master
-Raid Trader

Buff Details

-Buff Time Retail / Slots 24+4
-No Npc Buffer
-Dance & Songs Duration Retail

Client Mod

-Reunion Interface
-Different colors for Macro
-5 Skills Bar
-36 Bindkeys
-Sort Inventory
-AutoUse for CP,MP,HP Potions with own delays
-Mana Potion 400Mp / Delay 15 Sec unavaiable during PvP
-Fang of Stakato tradable
-Offline SellBuff
-Enhanced DropList
-Daily Reward
-Unicorn System: Hard to find, Hard to Kill but incredible Rewards
-Rebirth System: Up to 5 times Restart from 0 to 80 with total reset of your Char,
Exception made for enhanced Skills (once learned again previous
enhanced properties will be back). Costs 100 Rebirth Coin. Every Raid
gives Rebirth Coin to the party who last hitted the Boss.
Rebirth Reward: The system allows you to choose your path between two skills.

Skills: Defence Power: increase your defence abilities and resistance.
          Attack Power: increase your Damage and Crit.
Once Chosen you won't be able to change your choice for every next Rebirth.
Choose wisely...

Vote Reward

-VoteBuff: Increase P.def,M.def,MaxHP and Boost Exp 10%
-Chance to get Enchant Scrolls
-150k Adena to Help first log


Auto Farm Preview



Drop List - How it Works
Here is how the Reunion drop list works.
It may seem new to you, but in reality this is the retail operation of drops.
The drop of the mobs is divided into categories, each item in L2 is assigned to one of these. We have the category of currency, craft items, full items together with their key mats.
Each category has its own revenue%, and each item within the category has another revenue%.
There will be times when, if no category is 100%, you will not drop.
If a category is 50% for example, and two items within it are 100%, it results that, if the category enters, you will drop the two items for sure.

The spoil foresees only one category, which is always 100%, but the percentages of the products within the category are variable.

The quantity is influenced by the chance which is 4x, in the drop list you will already find the actual amount of drop.

Unicorn NPC 
Hi everyone,we present our unicorn! You will find it here and there for the world of lineage! There are two exact copies, which work the same way. The unicorn is very resistant but won't attack you, so it can only be killed by the strongest, as well as by the fastest. It appears in a random place, and after 3 hours it leaves, besides all after attacking it you will have 18 minutes to kill it and get the drop! It is therefore not an easy task, neither to find it nor to organize to defeat it!We therefore wish you a good hunt.

What will you get?
1 S Armor full piece (random)
1 Recipe S Weapon 60% (random)
2 Top-Grade Life Stone 76
1 Secret Book of Giants
Random Reunion Coin

..... And more is coming!!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/UNyR7xq5cg

Join our discord server to be up to date on all the news, to see more photos and videos about all our Features and be part of our community!

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