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[CS][Guide] Creating an autoexec file (long explained)


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This tutorial outlines how a user can create their own autoexec.cfg file from scratch. This file is critical if you use aliases or scripts. Also, it can be used to execute other files and game settings. So, this file is very important if you want to get the most out of your Counter-Strike experience. Let's get started!

Step #1 - Opening Text Program

Open Notepad or any Text program, (Wordpad, Word, Editpad, EditPlus2 etc will also work as long as you can save other file types besides .txt).

Step #2 - Add your Game Specific information and Common Commands


Game Specific info is usually Game settings that you want enabled or set at the start of every game. Some examples include: (name, rate, pushlatency, vgui_menus, fps_max).


Common Commands are commands or aliases that will be used in alot of your aliases and are redundant to type in every alias. Some examples of common commands are the use of shorter aliases for the menuselect commands: alias ms1 "menuselect 1" or alias mclr "slot10; wait; wait; slot10"

Step #3 - Add your Aliases

Now add your aliases into the file. If the alias came with a bind, like the ones on the examples page, the bind line will not go in the autoexec, but in the config file. Note - Don't add too many aliases to one cfg file. If you have a ton of aliases, then you will want to create separate cfg files.

Step #4 - Add Execution Lines


If you are using other cfg files to keep your Scripts more organized or to keep your autoexec a reasonable size, then you will need to execute that file. You will have to add the line:exec yourfile.cfg to the autoexec file.

Step #5 - Add Echo Lines

Add "echo" lines to the autoexec. A good idea is to add echo lines to your autoexec so you can actually watch the status of the files being executed during game loading. Here is an example:



"Autoexec is Loading"


The lines with nothing else but echo on them will come up as breaks.

Step #6 - Saving the File Properly

This is one of the most common problems when people make an autoexec file. You must save the file as this:


and the "All Files" must be selected as the File Type, which is the pull down menu bar located directly under the filename. Then the file must be in the proper directory. It goes in your cstrike directory.


Defaults for CS 1.6 are steam

The defaults for CS 1.5 and older versions are: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\cstrike for the downloaded version and C:\SIERRA\Counter-Strike\cstrike for the Retail Version.

Step #7 - Check for Common Problems

1. Saving the file as a .txt file (which is the standard default file type in Notepad and WordPad) . The filename looks correct, but when you view the properties it says Text file. The autoexec must be saved as a .cfg file!


2. Misspelling the filename, must be spelled "autoexec"


3. Placed file in wrong directory - Must go in the cstrike directory


CrEdItS: My tEaM (GH TeAm)

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