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    • Hello MaxCheaters, I'm graphic/motion designer, specialist in digital marketing and retouch of images. I also work in the Web area, but only in the creation of the website, not programming. For portfolio access, contact Skype: potgieterdrum   Here are the types of services I offer here:   Services: Digital Marketing (E-mail marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram/Tinder Ads) Motion (Video Intro, Opening Video, Event Video, Etc) Social Media (Facebook/Instagram) Network (Brazilian/Spanish Network Clans) Web Design (Original Web layout, Change of web samples)   • I accept the service after payment of 50% of the combined value. 50% on completion. No exceptions! •   Payment modes? Paypal    
    • Selling l2damage (interlude pvp) server char: Main class Necro - 2.000 PvP    Augments:   Active: Celestial, empower, shield, magic barrier, focus, agility, might, duel might, reflect, battle roar, Spell refresh, Medusa Passive: AM+20 - Empower AM - Shield DB+20 - Might HD+20 - Duel might   Equipment: All epics +20 (+frintezza) DC, IC, DRAC (sets +20) Damage tattoo (+20) Olympiad weapons   Skills enchantment (necro): Gloom +13 Death Spike +13 Anchor +13 Vampiric claw +12 Cursed man +12 Curse disease +12   Extra items as gift 800 top lifestones Extra RB set +16 1.000.000 adena 400 bog   And many more random items like top hats (10k pcbang etc.)   As extra gift i will give you a second char give Empower passive and active (am+20) and celestial (main class D.ELF Tank)   Pm me with offers.    
    • After some work we had he asked to buy the tournament system but he said he dont have money in paypal so i gave it to him and told him to pay me later. 5 days later he said he added money but paypal held money for unknown reason and i had to wait 10 days. After 17 days he said he wont pay cause its full of bugs. The full of bugs is just 2 known issue:   1. Some extra code (check when player participate in tournament and no let him join again for 24 housr) which i wrote him few days ago which the problem is at player.sendMessage(); it says 5025230 hours cause i forgot to delete the System.currentMilliseconds() 2. Players can revive during match (which i again forgot to add a check on Ressusect.java to not work during match).    After blabla i asked him to enter to fix those 2 and he denied while continously writting with caps FULL BUGS FULL BUGS like most of latino do. So basically after 17 days i got no money + he deny me to enter and fix those 2 line fixes.     I literally told him even after 17 days to enter and fix the damn wrong message to the player and he continue saying about the bug as if he dont know a shit of what grammar is. Idk why latinos are not banned from this community yet.   His server is L2Grimson His skype: 
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