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Nobless cardinal with subclass:
Nobless Mystic Muse with subclass:
Necro, Spellhowler,bishop

x2 dc set robe set
x1 tlm robe set

x1 mj robe set

1 arcana mace

x2tateo set

lots of mats and 500kk


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    • Does anyone specialize in the TW version? I am an operator in Asia. Because of the language barrier, I can't find a suitable partner. If you are interested, please contact me, thank you very much.
    • PROTECTION FOR HF5: # Strix-Platform first key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformKey = XTnyEijb0Ulx1mY3vxnvTmvjdsFVs6GZGhqXyfncESAjR8K/Uy6AjNmUNlNW6IaA #Strix-Platform second key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformSecondKey = 64233 - Patch with untethered HF5 protection https://disk .yandex.ru/d/2--45kf2qHdNSw we fill it into the folder with the game in system. PROTECTION FOR IT: # Strix-Platform first key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformKey = NQzrnEiRGZzsgmtpATrYbXOfDE4nIo4XYzU1enn6SS3K6Uqb5QBlncVr3l0g4ozX # Strix-Platform second key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformSecondKey = 63026 - Patch with untethered INTERLUDE protection https://fex.net/ru/s/zrfo6zv we fill it into the folder with the game in system.   PROTECTION FOR EPILOGUE: # Strix-Platform first key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformKey = None # Strix-Platform second key strixplatform.globalconfig.StrixPlatformSecondKey = None - Patch with unlinked EPILOGUE NONE protection, we fill it into the folder with the game in the system. attention: If you want to ship your splash, then open splash.logo using paint, the size is 440x250 download images. strx.cfg is a configuration config it contains: OLD_PORT_LOGIN = 2106 is the old login port where it connects NEW_PORT_LOGIN = 2106 is a new one that you can specify, if you have 2106 then leave it DOMEN = localhost - here you specify the domain where it connects - for example game.domain.ru PORT_GAME1 = 7777 - port of the game server PORT_GAME2 = 7776 - port of the game server PORT_GAME3 = 7775 - port of the game server PORT_GAME4 = 7774 - port of the game server
    • Hello everyone, we are looking for Beta Testers for our upcoming L2Top Maxcheaters website. Testers will get, 12 months free premium.   To apply please contact @Celestine .
    • Download    Hidden Content. You need to become Premium Member in order to view this.
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