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Lineage II Reforged / Singlebox - Interlude Remastered x2


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Hi guys, a new Lineage II server is coming on December 18th that has as its main goal to relive the experiences we had when we first joined the game up to 15 years ago. At this moment there is no fresh low-rate server where you don't need to grind for months to be on the average level.

The idea is very simple, although it has thousands of hours of work behind. To unite the best of each chronicle in one but keeping the original essence of the game, where the social factor was fundamental and the most effective way to progress was precisely to have a diversity of classes on the server and for players to cooperate with each other.

The reality is that NCsoft did a good job but made critical mistakes in all the chronicles they released, as an example I can give you in chronicles like C4, C5, Interlude where the destroyer with a Dagger with Rsk Haste and some atk speed buffs can be permanently activated with Frenzy or Guts, which makes it a class far above the others when it comes to basically everything.

From killing raid bosses by yourself to puling 40-50 monsters with x4 HP with a polearm while maintaining 100% HP thanks to the vampiric combined to their insane self-buffs, or to bully any warrior that doesn't have guts/frenzy (all of them except for another destroyer) to keep or take a farming spot, etc.

These are chronicles where those clans with more destroyers (boxes or mains) win, although it is arguable that the destroyer is not good in PVP, in most occasions, the destroyers will simply teleport into the PVP zon. already frenzied, and there is literally no counterplay to a beast with 10.000+ p atk, insane critical damage multipliers and 350+ critical rate.

The fact that we are used to this does not mean that it is balanced, in fact, it is the opposite, the people who resist the changes that NCsoft made to the destroyers in later chronicles is because they knew that it was the only way to win the game easily without having to learn new things. This is the reason why NCsoft removed the attack speed formula af. router loginfecting the reuse of the skills (fixed reuse on skills from Hellbound Chronicle), which made permafrenzy/guts unfeasible but still keeping the destroyer as the best PvE fighter, just not 15 times better than the rest. The problem is that when NcSoft fix something, they break it on the other side, and this happened when they added the Kamael.

Don't get me wrong, kamaels have classes that are really fun to play and they are not immortals by any means, but they are extremely unfair to play against, especially in low rate servers, where characters are not super geared, where the experience lost when dying hurts. A fed doombringer can render an entire party unable to move and without a weapon in their hands while destroying them, where to beat them as a warrior you must stay alive for 30 seconds waiting for the UD to go away while being hit by skills with insane power and the worst thing is that it is practically impossible to run away or reach them because of gap closers or warps. We all know that Doombringers are the most broken class in Gracia Final, but do you really think that NcSoft had in mind that players would use a SoulHound to steal Frenzy, Bison, Zealot, Rage, War Cry, etc, and kill epic or grand bosses with just 3 or 4 hits? I don't think so. This may look like a rant but it's just the truth, you can look it up, how you can kill epic boss with 1 buffed Soulhound when in reality it would take dozens of players to even stand a chance against the boss.

Going back to the server, it will be x2, single-box, and could be considered as an improved (or remastered) version of Interlude, but balanced and with even more endgame content, which interlude lacks. Like the addition of Hellbound Island and all the content from that area. This will be an endgame feature where you need to unlock it along with the rest of the server population, level up the stages to unlock the new zones and get access to the best gear of the game, Dynasty gear, therefore it will take a lot of effort and at least a year or so to unlock. It's like a Hellbound server but without Kamaels.

The server fixes many of the mini errors that the game has and seeks to find the best experience for the player, but without changing the old school gameplay, which captivated us so much. I'm talking about the times when people grouped in Dion, where they socialized and formed parties between unknown players to grind and improve their characters progressively. The wide variety of classes and different playstyles made them all viable and suit different types of players.

The stores are similar to Interlude where you had to craft some pieces to complete sets (like the brigandine helmet, manticore boots, elven mithril gloves, etc), there are also no common or shadow things apart from the Newbie weapons (a NG at Lv 6 and a low D weapon at Lv 20 but if you have at least 1 Pk you can't equip it), so you should play as a team and be active in trading between players. Also getting spellbooks will be more important, being part of the market and not trash to sell to the Npc store, this will also increase its value and to be honest, having something worth getting incentivizes grinding, killing mobs for just adena and XP is not the funniest thing you can do.

No kamaels, no autopick, no autolearn, no autofarm and no botting allowed, just to chill and have fun farming and fighting with/against players. No P2W, the donations will be cosmetics (hats, agathions and cloaks) and a 15% Exp/SP rune that will also be obtainable by voting, just for maintenance and expenses to improve the server. It is not made for profit and it will stay that way forever.

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