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Click the image above to join our Discord server!
We're just some dudes working on a project we'd like to play in, for fun.
We've been working on this for more than a couple of years now, and we'll keep working on it whenever we can, until it's competed.
Bellion is a highly customized server, which offers a long-term game progression. We are well aware about people's negative experiences playing other servers, and so, we put extreme dedication upon balancing both classes and equipment. This is the reason why players who try to abuse exploits, bugs, or botting softwares, will be permanently banned from the server
(Therefore, we gotta clarify the fact that we put extreme dedication upon farming-related activities, trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for those that do it the correct way, and as profitless as possible for those that consider using third-party programs to automate this).
Head-Display-APGrade03-L.png FEATURES.png Head-Display-APGrade03-R.png
Completely remade skill tooltips. Skill Damage Formulas can be toggled on and off from the Account Management Panel.
Completely remade item tooltips.
Skills that can't be used because they don't meet the required conditions will now be highlighted, like in higher chronicles:
Changed Augment window, added a "Repeat" button.
Brand new Teleport window:    
Brand new Bestiary window:
Brand new Account Management Panel:

Brand new Monster Droplist:
It'll allow you to change variuos things, like Buff icon sizes, hide your radar, change menu style, etc. All changes made are saved on both your account and your client.
Updated map with highlighted important zones:
Completely reworked character status window:
Custom character animations. Completely remade all casting styles for all skills in the game, with new fist, 1hs, 2hs, dual daggers, etc. for each single character. This also includes Crossbow animations for all characters, and shield/sigil animations for Kamaels.

Added new bosses and monsters from higher chronicles, and even made some of our own, to give the game's look some variety on farm zones.
Added armors and weapons from higher chronicles, and some custom made ones. (Including costumes)
Custom locations on both cities and farm zones, with working geodata.
Ported skill effects from higher chronicles.
When creating a character, there are no limitations to classes. You can choose any main class with any character. For example, an Wind Rider dwarf, or a Titan elf, etc.
The only aspect that changes between races are race traits:
Also, you can only go to Olympiads with your main class.
We might or might not add some way to change a character's race/sex and main class in a future.
Classes are now divided in eight different categories.
Classes that share the same category, will also share some properties, such as some of their passive skills, class orientations.
Each single class of the game has been either completely reworked, or completely remade from scratch. This also means that every single skill of the game has been made from scratch to better fit their kits and orientations.
As an example, one of our new classes, the Wiccan: Wiccan is an Enchanter class, which uses Crossbow weapons and Robe armors. It can work as a DD class, but it is mostly oriented to be a Supportive class. It has skills that can be used either in a supportive or offensive way, depending on if you use them on enemies or allies. Wiccan's attacks can heal friendly targets, and its ability kit is oriented to support allies. They can also summon four different totems, one at a time, which will provide all party members with a corresponding buff for each totem. For example, the Totem of Spirit:


Each class has its own unique equipment passives, so it's easier for us to balance things.
Additional to that, we've added a new feautre called Item Mastery. Here's an example:
What this basically means is, if you have 1.10 Weapon Mastery, and your equipped weapon provides you with 1000 HP, it'll give you 1100 instead. Armor Mastery works for each piece's plain stats, but not on armor bonuses.
Every single item of the game has been remade from scratch. Each of them is custom made from scratch, armors, weapons, accessories, jewels, etc.
Once bought, talismans won't have an expiration time limit. Aside from that, talismans will now give basic statistics that will be improved based on the Bracelet which they are equiped with. There are a lot of talismans, but some of then can only be obtained as special rewards from quests, instances, or rare drops.
Tattoos will provide statistics depending on their enchant level. Each stat will be proportionally increased according to the tattoo's enchant exponent. Tattoos can also be upgraded, which improves their enchantment properties.
Belts can only be acquired through rare drops or quests. There are some that can be bought from Castles and Fortresses, but these will have some very basic stats. Rare belts provide abilities that are unique to belts.
Divine Inspiration books can be bought from an NPC in Giran. They can be used normally, however, when being learned, they will affect both your main class and your sub classes. This means that you won't need to buy them twice to play two different classes in the same character.

A completely new Refinement System has been added to weapons. When a weapon is generated either by crafting or drop, up to 2 Refinement Slots can be generated with a small chance. These slots acquire unique effects when being refined with a Refiner Stone of the corresponding weapon's tier. These effects are also randomly generated when a refinement process is sucessful. Refined weapons will also display a "[REF]" icon on their tooltip, on the upper right corner.
A completely new system called Enchant Exponent has been added to all enchantable items. A detailed explaination on how it works will be added ingame, but in resume, the higher the enchant is on an item, the higher the bonus from the enchant will be. As a very rough and unlikely example, if a weapon gives +10 Atk Speed per enchant, it may give +150 atk speed at +10, or +400 atk speed at +20, depending on its enchant exponent.
When enchanting, depending on both the scroll and the item that is being enchanted, there are different enchant chances and failure penalties. These will be displayed on the System Message window.
Three elements can be placed on an armor, and only one on weapons. When adding elements to an item, the Elemental Points will be increased by 5, on both weapons and armors. Armors can only have up to 60 elemental power, meanwhile Weapons can go up to 250.
Additionally, all elements will provide special stats depending on if they're defensive or offensive.
Augments have also been completely changed. The higher the grade of the augment stone, the bigger amount of stats you'll get, and additionally, top-grade lifestones will have a chance to provide either active or passive effects.
Only jewels, armors and weapons can be crafted. They may be crafted on each of their NPCs respectively in Giran.
When crafting an item, the NPC will show you how many of each material you need to craft it, just like in the normal Crafting Window.
Additionally, when crafting an item, there's a small chance that the item may come out as an Improved version with a higher quality. Item keys may be also bought on Giran's Mineral Trader.
Improved versions of crafted items can be either 0.5 or 1 tier higher than the normal item. Corrupted or Legendary versions may only be acquired as special drops, and they are 2 tiers higher than their normal variant.
There are three different zones. Since each of them has its own unique drops, each zone will be always useful, even if you already have late-game gear. Additionally, each zone has its own restrictions. For example, Beast Farm is restricted to Tier 2 gear or lower.
Here's an example of a crafting material required for high-tier items:
Each zone also has its unique environmental events, monsters, bosses, quests, etc.
We've implemented a completely new way of spawning monsters. This will make it so it's worth it to farm on a single spot, or fighting for an already taken spot. Here's an in-depth video,though it's kinda long:

Similar to Champions in other servers, monsters can spawn as their Demonic variants. Demonic monsters will have increased statistics, but will have additional drops, and will provide additional experience. Additional to their increased drops, demonic monsters have a chance to drop one or more Demonic Souls, depending on their level. These souls can be used to buy instance tickets, and many other things.
Instances can be entered at any time of the day, with no time restrictions. The only thing you need to enter an instance is a ticket. Also, each instance has its own restrictions related to gear and party member quantity. For party instances, each member of the party needs to have its own ticket.
There are also additional dungeons that appear randomly within farming zones, and even during important events such as castle-sieges which can be accessed by anybody with no required payment (More info will be added later).
Every single boss and monster in the game has its own customized AI. This means that monsters' behaviour will be affected by what players do near them, or directly to them, and react on some way. For example, there's a monster in Beast Farm, that runs around the whole farm zone, eating low-level monsters to heal itself in case it is missing some HP. AIs are increasingly complex the higher the level of the monster is, and very interactive when it comes to bosses (Also, all bosses of the game are custom made as well, and default ones were removed.)

When accumulating PvP points, players will unlock new name colors and skills whenever they reach a certain quantity. There are also many other rewards, such as items that can only be acquired from PvP points and tokens.
pvpnames.png pvpskills.png
Additionally, a 'Killing Spree' system has been added. It allows you to acquire temporary hero status and skills, until you disconect, or until you're slain by another player. There are restrictions to this. There is a tracking system that works continuously to punish people who farm PvP and PK points. Also, you won't get PvPs for killing the same people many times in a row.
Since there are no such things as PvP zones, the only way to get PvPs aside from Patrols, normal PvP in farm zones, and Clan War, will be events. We've made some of our own custom events as well, such as Bunny Racing, or Tow Wars (which you can see detailed information about on our Discord server). Events will also provide many rewards just for participating on them (Participating means that you need to actually participate in them, you won't be able to just log in with some boxes using an HWID/IP changer to get multiple rewards :P). Of course, there are many other events such as the classic CTF, TvT, etc. Each single event was made by ourselves, including the whole event engine.
L2 Bellion is a Lineage 2 Server emulation made completely from scratch, with various years of hard development, done by people with a lot of dedication and effort put on it.
This is our project, it is NOT a forked project, neither a stolen code from someone else. We hope you take the time to read carefully every piece of info we may post here. As well, we hope you come to us with no hesitation if you have questions or suggestions! About this post, since this is just a way to promote our project, we didn't post every last bit of detailed information about it, and we left pretty much half of the detailed information out of this. This extra info can be found on our Discord server, where we will post every last bit of info we have.
Click the image above to join our Discord server!
Olympiads and Clans/Patrols/Sieges and new features for events are still a work in progress, we'll update this post whenever they're ready, but we're almost there.
About a beta server, we have a list of things we need to do before we can open one, you can also find it on our Discord server.

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I also find it long. But.. Finally that change of certain servers with the same things all the time. I like to see a project that is out of the ordinary. Build with passion for the game and not the bait of money like 99% in 2021 on L2. I hope you guys change the trend !  Sorry for my bad english.

Best luck, 

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29 minutes ago, JustMarS said:

I also find it long. But.. Finally that change of certain servers with the same things all the time. I like to see a project that is out of the ordinary. Build with passion for the game and not the bait of money like 99% in 2021 on L2. I hope you guys change the trend !  Sorry for my bad english.

Best luck, 

Thanks! Since we've kinda made literally everything from scratch, we tried to only put the essential stuff on this post, but since all things are new and not like on normal servers, that's kinda hard. It's as ressumed as possible and with as much images as we could, and there's way more info that we didn't post yet.

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25 minutes ago, L2Raptorz said:

Your server seems very custom and special. But in all these words you don't say the rates or chronicle😏 Good Luck. I will like to see when activated.

Hey there, the server chronicle is everywhere! All over the video titles, and it literally says "high five" in the server's title. About the rates, since this server is nothing like normal servers, "server rates" aren't really a reference to the dificulty of the server, and that's why we added  this at the start of the topic: 

"Bellion is a highly customized server, which offers a long-term game progression."

Thanks for the comment though!

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6 hours ago, GsL said:

Awesome features and totally unique, 

As server owner I m Jelus of many features 



Sadly only l2pride community could play this 

Thanks for the feedback! we aren't currently aiming for any community atm, we'd like to have retail players as well, so that's why we try to put as much info as possible without making it feel overwhelming

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49 minutes ago, Vision said:

@Bellion - Lineage 2 any dates when you will open gates? 

We have some kind of 'checklist' on our discord server, we'll announce a date for a beta server as soon as we're done with that! It's kinda outdated, but here it is:


    Point systems
    Match systems (1v1, 3v3, matching rules, etc)
    Rewards (Armors, weapons, jewels, some other privileges, etc)
    Hero skills depending on class category (Assasin, rogue, tank, etc)
Need to re-re-re-re-re-check instances and maybe rework them. (At least one or two for the beta stage)
Need to finish everything related to client-sided things (Interface, character animations, effects, textures, etc)
Need to add a proper botting protection



We're pretty much halfway done with all classes

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