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Hello guys, it's been a long time.

I've made a project recently which is based on public frozen sources (1004 revision with fixes!, currently the most stable at frozen files.).

L2JRelic files.

The project will be work with L2Relic patch 



Because I've done a lot of work on this project but need more work about classes at late game. I open 3 times with 100-300 players online without any kind of phanton/fake system.


TvT: reward /2 at losing team.

DM: mass reward for every one and reward for top 3 players. (Unknown name)

Ctf : reward /2 at losing team

+pvp at kills


Clan Reputation system

PvP Increase system

start level 80 max level 90

Sit down & regen your hp, mp, cp [in oly is /2]

gaining xp by pvp has 40% chance

Which classes can earn pvp by not killing but with supporting the party members

# Clan Members + Rep.Pts + Item Id + amount needed to upgrade into lvl 6 clan
# Max rep.pts that u can earn by killing a war (1-30)

# Max rep.pts that u can lose by dieing by a war (1-10)

Hunter village Disguised name + disable items at config

Dungeon party/solo pvp/lvl to join 

Auto Enchant by pvping

config at simple items rate and not crystalize

custom ss effect system 

olympiad disable chat + unknown games + pvp / level to join





skype: l2jave






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